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balancing calories to fuel activity
No problem getting the exercise in. Having trouble choking down the water. But trying. Really trying to limit calories, but having trouble balancing the right amount of calories to fuel activity. I ...
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started by jjkalil.   
I had a quite busy day and am wondering if stripping furniture counts towards exercise :?: (my lifestyle is more sedentary, desk work most of the time)
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started by Jozette99.   
Still trouble with water
I exercised hard today, but again seem to having trouble with getting in enough water. So far, only about 20 oz or so (not including the water I drank while exercising). Gobs of coffee though. Hungrier ...
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started by jjkalil, 5 years ago.   
Missed the first 20 minutes on Monday
Was sick on Monday so didn't get to exercise. Have not missed a day since though! Have managed 20-30 minutes a day for the past 2 days. Drinking plenty of water. I downloaded an app called "Water ...
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started by BBrennan67, 5 years ago.   
Dinner engagement and only gained a pound - was expecting worse (retaining water bad the last few days - HELP?!)
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You got me!!!!
Buffy - last minute decision, I will participate in your challenge 8) I will try to get some exercise in every day, not sure if I really can make it. That was actually the thing that kept me from agr ...
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started by Jozette99.   
I have all ready started this challenge and its going good i weight in on Monday wish me good luck i hope i lose 2 pounds.:)
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started by lisalopezm27.   
Newbie to all
I seem to be stuck at 2-3 pounds a week (on a good week) - BUT this year so far Im almost at 7 pounds - so I am looking forward to this :D :shock:
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started by Genine0312.   
From Merry Terry, Started off just perfect today. Already planning my eating for today and have it entered so I won't deviate. But what do I do tomorrow? have to go to a buffet dinner. This will ...
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started by Terry Merry.   
I have tried every diet possible, low carb high protein, weightwatcherss, no carb, juice only cleanses , grapefruit diet, 3 day diet. Everything works but i never seem to be able to them due to ...
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started by lisadance86, 5 years ago.   
Let's do this!
I already had big plans for the next few months - continuing p90x, hoping to knock off 15+ lbs by the end of the program, and trying out this intermittent fasting thing. Good luck everyone!
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started by TpocketT60, 5 years ago.   
Ready Set Go!!!
I started eating better ,drinking more water & exercising about 2 weeks ago and just started looking for a push in to send me further on my journey. And so, I came across this site & challenge ...
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started by Momma Dominick, 5 years ago.   
Hi All, I am new to fatsecret as of today. Have been practicing the Atkins way of eating since Labor Day... lost 25 pounds so far, which I am happy about. Would like to do more exercise and drink more ...
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started by phaas.