Mini-Challenge - Drink more water, Exercise at least 20 mins a day, Smile



Drink more water, Exercise at least 20 mins a day, Smile

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 5 75% Successful
Week 4 60% Successful
Week 3 69% Successful
Week 2 66% Successful
Week 1 77% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 02 May 13 by SELouisiana
"Smiling and water: pass. Exercise everyday: fail. "
Failed: 02 May 13 by ladyphay
"Only 5 pounds lost, but better diet habits though."
Successful: 01 May 13 by mcims
"Now that's what I'm talking about!"
Failed: 28 Apr 13 by Laura268
"I had an unexpected gallbladder removal, so exercise has been out while ..."
Failed: 26 Apr 13 by Tshifhie
"itS cold and it makes it difficult to do anything - but i'm trying"
Failed: 24 Apr 13 by okotzfatty
"Just recovered from sprained ankle, but diet alone is doing all the work "
Successful: 22 Apr 13 by Eve Davidson
"Lots of smiling as it is working!"
Successful: 21 Apr 13 by jazzie53
"not losing weight but losing centimetres"
Successful: 12 Apr 13 by SallySarahHL
"Going good"
Failed: 12 Apr 13 by TJSloan
"While I don't exercise 20 minutes daily, I do exercise 40+ minutes about ..."
Successful: 10 Apr 13 by ame16
"Have started 20 minute daily workouts."
Successful: 08 Apr 13 by Wolfarius
"Kinda nailed it."
Failed: 07 Apr 13 by PaganMeagan
"Completely spaced it!"
Failed: 07 Apr 13 by joyinaction
"Consumed the water I needed to, but did not exercise."
Failed: 05 Apr 13 by kelykazelli
"Root canal on Tuesday - but all better now. Ready to roll...."