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Family Emergencies
I really hope that my Challenge Leaders and my Buddies are able to read this - so I only have to write it once. I was so excited to get started on challenges at the beginning of April and then my grown ...
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Be Inspired by this Amazing Journey caught on video
Prepare to be Amazed! You CAN do this! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Never Give Up! Keep Working & You will Succeed! I shed tears of joy watching this. I hope you will also be so moved. ...
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Got my workout in.
I had not been to bootcamp in a month an a half. I went this morning. They had changed the time, so I missed 15 minutes but I jumped in and did it.
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started by CeeElle, 5 years ago.   
website for healthy food
There is a great blog called and she has amazing recipes with low calories and healthy. I use recipes from there all the time!
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I was mostly lazy today, the first day of spring break. However, I did ride my bike for a short time and I did drink my water - all 64 ounces of it.
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count me in too! Any tips on smoothie ingredients?
I want to lose 15/17 lbs by July 23. Losing 7lbs in April would be the jump start I need. I started making more smoothies. Any tips or good items to add to my smoothie besides favorite fruits?
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What do we eat?
I'm excited about starting this challenge tomorrow. Are there guidelines other than drink more water and exercise? Is there a diet we are to follow to lose these 7 lbs?
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Really excited. I like it that you didn't add to many restrictions....just the basics. I have my own diet and have other challenges just starting now too - so I have much to keep me going. Need to ...
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Count me in!
I would love to be apart of this challenge
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