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The 7day juice fast is to jump start wieght loss, and you can also lose up to 10 pounds

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flyte Total Progress: 11.67 %  (Down 15.4 lb)
briana07 Total Progress: 4.04 %  (Down 8.0 lb)
Getting Fit! Total Progress: 3.59 %  (Down 7.0 lb)
Kenmjr Total Progress: 1.87 %  (Down 3.5 lb)
Bears mom Total Progress: 1.43 %  (Down 2.0 lb)
ajd11 Total Progress: 1.19 %  (Down 2.2 lb)

Completed Mini-Challenges

Days 1 to 7

Exercise 30 minutes evey day; Make your self-talk as positive as possible

Try to take a muti-vitamin daily; Drink 8 glass daily; Exercise atlest 30 mins daily; If you feel hungry ITS OK eat some fruits or vegetables, melons are alsome as they provides a good source of soluble fiber and releasing energy more slowly and keep you feeling full longer.
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Day 2?
day 2 for me... not sure why but confused about the start date?? thought it was Monday 13th, anyway day 2 had warm water /lemon early this morning, then first juice around 9am- apple/lemon/ginger,yum:) ...
by ajd11 on 13 May 13 06:58 PM
7 Day Juice Fast
Day One: Starting Today... 2 pineapple juice...blended with 1/2 banana (into juice) Lunch @ 2 pm.. 2 can V8 juice blended with 4 small midget carrots (into juice) 4 pm.. Cranberry Juice watered down ...
by pepper123ne on 13 May 13 05:43 PM
It almost here, you can do it :)
by briana07 on 12 May 13 03:40 PM
7 day juice fast
I don't know about specific instructions, but I can tell you what I do when I juice. When I am about to start a juice fast, I watch this documentary, [url= Sick, and N ...
by Swede84 on 10 May 13 10:18 PM
Some great step you can follow
Also, any suggestions for a "true herbal tea?"
by Getting Fit! on 09 May 13 12:44 PM

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This challenge ended on Tuesday 21 May 2013.

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status: Completed
ended: 20 May 13
duration: 7 Days
reporting: Daily
participants: 33
privacy: Public
administrators: briana07
created: 06 May 2013

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Exercise 30 minutes evey day; Make your self-talk as positive as possible ( days 1 to 7 )

Rolling Challenge Performance:

The day to day running total weight lost

Day 7:

All Participants 0.66 %  (Down 38.1 lb)

Day 6:

All Participants 0.66 %  (Down 38.1 lb)

Day 5:

All Participants 0.62 %  (Down 35.9 lb)

Day 4:

All Participants 0.48 %  (Down 27.9 lb)

Day 3:

All Participants 0.47 %  (Down 27.3 lb)

Day 2:

All Participants 0.21 %  (Down 11.9 lb)

Day 1:

All Participants 0.21 %  (Down 11.9 lb)

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a good Herbal Tea
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