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What are you counting?
I'm just curious what others are counting as far as "water intake?" Are you including coffee and tea or any other beverages, or just straight water? Also, for the 30 minutes of exercise, ...
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Wounded determination
With my knee injury full body exrcise and cardio will be challenging.
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Huge Challenge
Looking forward to this challenge, it is going to be a big one since I quit smoking about two weeks ago and my anxiety is fierce! I know my lungs are going to thank me big time!:) :)
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I am so excited to start my challenge!!!!!!I am ready to loose this weight and become disciplined!!!:lol:
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Hi fellow dieters
Not sure that I am looking forward to all the bits of the challenge. Don't like the idea of 30 mins exercise each day but I suspect I can get around that by walking to the shops to buy my evening ...
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Hi everyone!
Looking forward to this challenge!
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