Mini-Challenge - Move to the next level.

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The weekly objective is to move to the next level. Even if a week was repeated, success is then moving to the next level at the end of the week.

Overall result for all teams:

Week by Week Results

Week 6 23% Successful
Week 5 52% Successful
Week 4 66% Successful
Week 3 71% Successful
Week 2 70% Successful
Week 1 79% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 14 Feb 11 by bmll14
"did 75. will repeat week six and try again"
Failed: 14 Feb 11 by Sarge4
"Week 5 is going to be repeated. Just coming up a bit short."
Failed: 12 Feb 11 by sp1353
"Did not get the last week will need to repeat week 6. "
Failed: 11 Feb 11 by TeamTebben
"I'm out :( tweeked my lower back doing wk 5 day 3. I'm going to take a ..."
Failed: 07 Feb 11 by blaineo
"was out of town and my wife and I do it together. So repeating week four..."
Successful: 03 Feb 11 by Mariesa
"I started a few weeks early so entering my 5th week and can do 60 push ..."
Failed: 01 Feb 11 by ZX7-H2
"Got strep throat, failed to keep up with the program. Will Catch y'all ..."
Failed: 01 Feb 11 by didilaflamme
"Haven't started!"
Failed: 30 Jan 11 by Yarzo
"Took a week off due to back problems from running."
Failed: 24 Jan 11 by Newoutlook
"couldn't do this week. Got my wisdom tooth removed and have been too s ..."
Successful: 19 Jan 11 by Pelado
"Little by little! it's nice to see some progress. "
Failed: 17 Jan 11 by sdt6585
"Completed the workouts, but lost 3 days laying tile at my house...still ..."
Failed: 14 Jan 11 by Danboy96
"not a winner, try again...LOL"
Failed: 14 Jan 11 by Chico0100
"Started late."
Successful: 13 Jan 11 by kckc
Successful: 12 Jan 11 by slimjr1118
"finished week 3 on saturday, this is a little more challenging than i ..."
Successful: 11 Jan 11 by Jherel
"I have moved into week two of this challenge, I feel myself getting st ..."
Successful: 10 Jan 11 by roseforyou
"Not sure what next level is but will continue trying."
Successful: 08 Jan 11 by aprilmay11
"I had to start out doing the push ups against the stairs. I am amazed ..."
Successful: 07 Jan 11 by lstanwyc
Successful: 07 Jan 11 by Scottsbiz
"I like this! I'm also using the Ipod 100 Pushup App and its great for ..."
Successful: 07 Jan 11 by CoyoteWalkingTree
"Today I did 22 pushups, which is more than I have ever done in my entire ..."