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Posted: 18 Oct 2013, 09:44
Love the challenge idea - except the water part. It could actually kill you, not to mention drain your body of ALL water soluble vitamins to drink that much water.

I'm 59Kg - and max water I should drink is 10L without SERIOUS health repercussions.

Just thought I'd let everyone know that...

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Posted: 18 Oct 2013, 11:11
I've read that 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water is what is recommended. I'd be drinking about 67 oz. of water, which is perfectly fine. So, you'd need about 65 oz. of water which would only be about 2 L. That might be the confusion, not the number of actual kg or lbs, but oz.
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Posted: 18 Oct 2013, 18:04
Oh... ok oz of water. I thought it was 1/2 your body weight in Liters of water. LOL - because that would be a ridiculous amount of water... obviously. Smile we don't measure anything in oz here - hence the confusion.

2L is pretty east to consume. Smile Good luck with the challenge.

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Posted: 20 Oct 2013, 20:11
oh my.. OUNCES!! Dont want anyone drowning!