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Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 03:05
I have heard from various people that sticking to 500/600 cals on a fasting day can be difficult to track. I know from my own experience that it is very easy to assume that you may only go over the 500/600 limit by a few calories, however the reality for me was that i was going over by 150 cals.

For this reason i have now stopped eating for thw hole day on a fasting day, and guess what, it is easier than you think. I have a breakfast at say 9am and then don't eat again until 9am the following morning. This way i don't have to worry about going over the 500/600 limit, plus i am asleep for 8-10 hours of this fast. You can set the time you start/finish at whatever suits you on the particular day. My wife started after lunch at 1pm as she found this easier for her.

Try it and see how you get on.

Disclaimer: Please make sure you consult with your doctor before starting any diet plan

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Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 11:01
I agree Blackrock. Thanks for setting up this challenge. I will help me stick to my fasting days! Smile

For me, I began my fast after dinner on Sunday at 6:00PM, then fasted all day Monday and ate dinner at 6:00PM on Monday evening, keeping intake under 500 calories. I log what I plan on eating for dinner in the FS food log so I know I will stay below 500 calories. I can't sleep if I'm overly hungry so dinner to dinner works best for me. I lost a little over a pound on my first day of fasting and for me, that's great since I'm not far from my goal weight. If I grazed all day, I know I'd go over 500 calories quickly.

How are others managing their fasting days?

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Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 15:01
on the fasting days can you use the 500 calories through out the day or does it have to be in one meal