Challenge Forum: My LIGHT & SWEET needs help!

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Posted: 30 Nov 2012, 05:39
OMG! It's ONLY 4 days in and I am even more turned off with charting everything I eat. Wasn't a big fan pre-challenge. HOWEVER, it's giving me a real EYE OPENER of my caloric intake (GO FIGURE!) in the things I vow not to change (i.e., my light & sweet coffee). I have now begun to try and wean myself off of as much sugar & half/half. If there's another suggestion anyone can give as to how to lighten & sweeten without a humongous caloric punch! At home I use Organic Florida Sugar (Cane), but when out or at work, it's White Granulated Sugar. Thanks for your help & Happy Challenging! Smile
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Posted: 30 Nov 2012, 12:06
Dont get turned off by the recording part. Its the best tool to watching your intake and it shows where you are making the mistakes. Every time I have recorded my food intake, I do well. Its when I stop that I screw up and put on all the weight that I lost. I have been struggling to get below 200lbs for over 2 months because I quit entering my food and then go on a bender. Eating crap I would never ingest if I had to see the calories rise.

As for your sugar needs for coffee, I cant offer much in the way of suggestions but if you use a better form on sugar at home, take that to work with you also so you have it there. Or try one of the artificial sweeteners if you have to have something. I dont drink coffee but I do drink diet sodas. I am committed to drinking 20oz of water for every soda can I take in. So if I want to have a can of pop for lunch I need to make sure I have either just finished a water or have water neat by.

Maybe you can try that also. Alternate between water and coffee until you are drinking more water than coffee. Eventually your body will allow for the adjustment and you wont feel the need to have coffee with or without sweetener.

Good luck though! Keep working and you will see the results.