Challenge Forum: How are you doing it?

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Posted: 27 Nov 2012, 16:07
Are you all changing your eating habits AND working out? It's super hard for me to stick to a proper diet in the evening. What are your tips?

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Posted: 27 Nov 2012, 18:55
Yes & yes. I had to change my eating habits as they were unhealthy, so good riddance. I am easing into working out due to my weight & relatively sedentary lifestyle of late. I've cut out carbs & sugar as much as possible, eating lots of protein, making sure I drink A LOT (32-64 ounces) of H2O, eating snacks when I remember them, taking the workouts slow but serious, & SUPPORT. I need a lot of support, encouragement, & involvement from my friends in family. Hope this helps & if you need anything, I'm here.