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Posted: 19 Nov 2012, 01:04
I have lost 25kg (50lbs) from May this year till now, and i seriously need to loose another 25kg.

It is possible to do it in 10weeks, but this will require sticking to your eating plan and getting a lot of cardio and light weight exercises in.

If anybody needs some guidance or just tips, please feel free to contact me. I have been doing a lot of research on weight loss the last year and even working out eating plans while keeping food allergies in mind (I'm allergic to gluten and whey).

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Posted: 22 Nov 2012, 08:00
Were you on a particular diet? Or did you lose the weight with diet and exercise?

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Posted: 30 Nov 2012, 06:18
Sure thing Nella1985! Thanks. I've posted my big issue is sugar. I use organic florida crystals at home, but when out or at work, I use white refined and half/ my coffee, which I MUST HAVE! I know these two items pack on the calories, so I'm trying to wean myself. But, do you have any suggestions as to what I can use that'd make my coffee just as light & maybe a tad less sweet w/o all the calories? I REALLY need HELP! I think this would help rid of my belly fat quicker.
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Posted: 04 Dec 2012, 05:45
Ayot6: it was a low carb, low sugar diet for the first 10weeks and some light cardio thereafter... so just sticking to the rules!

LadieDee: i use a product called Equisweet, it's a green pack and aspartame free, although it does contain sucralose. It is very low in calories. For the milk... I would suggest skim. I do not know the nutritional value of half/half, but i guess that skim will still be a better option. You will get lactose in, but not nearly all the fat and sugar from the cream of the milk.

Hope this helps!