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Announcement: How to log your challenge results!
The Blue Box wrote: Start off on the main page on Fat Secret. Under the "Your My FatSecret Links:" (Near the upper right hand corner of the webpage) click on the "weight in now" link. ...
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started by Brad4youth, 6 years ago.   
Announcement: Note for Challenge Admin
I am seeing several people mark that they failed this challenge. As long as you do as many push ups as you can and record your progress you do not fail this challenge. Even if the number is zero! This ...
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started by Brad4youth, 6 years ago.   
Use this Challenge
Set a daily goal for yourself. I set my goal at 150. What this means it not matter how many sets I do in a day I have to do 150 push ups. So if you are doing 10 push ups then set your goal at 50, Then ...
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started by Rhodes1970, 6 years ago.   
Successful, or failed?
Hey all, I was just wondering, if I record my progress but I didn't reach 50, do I record that as successful, or failed?
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started by mcontreras33.   
Hi everyone! I'm a bit confused about how to record results. I'm at 18 pushups so far, but how do I log that?
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started by mcontreras33.   
Where do you log results?
I managed 15v yesterday and 20 today. Also back to weight training which will help with this challenge. But for the life of me I can't find where to put the results into the challenge.
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started by DingoShadow.   
Day 2
5/30 26 5/29 24 Not really sure where you are supposed to post but I get the feeling its about staying committed more than anything else.
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started by CPBinVA.   
This may help ...
... when you can't do any more full press ups simply kneel down and keep going. It basically takes the weight away and gives you an extra pump so your chest muscles know what is expected of them. Make ...
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started by ChampagneCharlie.   
The Android App I am using
I am using an app to help train for the 50 push ups! [url= Ups App[/url] Feel free to share your plan.
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started by Brad4youth.   
50 P-Us here we go! currently at 5
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started by moltenstone.   
no workout
didnt get any exercise done friday. had a really busy schedule. my meal consisted a melon medley. propel water, and brisk lemonade.
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started by acethebaker, 6 years ago.