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Sticky: week 8 challenge
I have had a hard time with the past 3 weeks of this challenge because of our family getting out of the military and moving and finding new jobs, etc... But i'm focused and getting back on track. ...
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started by AVDV, 7 years ago.   
Sticky: Introduction
Hi everyone, my name is Ashley. I am a 22 year old mother to a beautiful 2yr old girl, and a wife to a US Marine. I gained an unhealthy amount of weight during my pregnancy and continued gaining for a ...
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How is everyone doing so far?
I've noticed that it's gone a bit quiet in the forums as of late so I wanted to do a check-in! What's working well for you? Have you hit any plateaus? How have you gotten past them? What ...
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I just wanted to say congratulations to us as a group. Look at all the weight we have lost together. Over 900 lbs!!!!!! that is AMAZING! Let's keep it up, and try to keep the want and desire strong.
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started by AVDV, 7 years ago.   
Question for my fellow runners!
I try to keep a running schedule of everyday, and lots of it. I covered 4 miles of hilly terrain yesterday (walking parts of it) and now i have a HUMONGOUS blister on my heel. How can i take care of ...
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First day
Hi everyone, so our challenge started! I have started my day with 1 hour and 30 minutes of walking. What about you guys?
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Purely Celebration
Did 4 pounds this week. 55 down, 40 more to go. I have a good shot of doing this challenge and actually completing the 40 pounds lost by the end. 6 total in the challenge so far.
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What "Fuel" do we burn when we exercise: Sugars or Fat?
During a previous diet period, I exercised a lot(!) but after a point, I did not lose weight. A trainer I met, gave me an explanation that I share with you, in case you find it interesting to discuss. ...
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The Worse Tactical Mistakes during a diet.
The 3 worst mistakes I have made during diets over the years, are: 1. Drinking all kinds of alcohol. It's not just the calories but that it retains water in your body. Which manifests in my morning ...
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Looking for buddies!
Like just about everyone here, I have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight for quite awhile (8 years). I have watched myself go from 125 to 205 during that time! I was a thin person before that...even ...
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Should we weigh-in every day?
My opinion is that we should weigh-in every day, for certain reasons. But, under preconditions. My reasons for a daily weigh-in: 1. It helps me be focused on my effort. 2. It also helps with making m ...
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Can our 'Personal Fight' against 'Overweight' be a Social Endeavour?
Thank God we remain Social Animals. FS and all of you have convinced me of the value of all being in this together. It's a source of strength by itself. Also, past experience has convinced me, that ...
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Hello from Athens, Greece
Ok. I'm really excited about this. I liked FatSecret's concept, I like the fact that we are all in this together, I believe it's going to work! I hope we'll end up friends with some of ...
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2 lbs!
I've already dropped 2 lbs, altho I'm sure most of it's water. I hit the salt a little hard last week so I'm de-puffing... Not going to look a gift horse in the mouth tho! :-D
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started by kittyglitter.   
eating and exercising????
So, I was wondering how everyone has done these first couple days? It's definitely tough starting new habits and routines, but it will be so worth it. I didn't work out as much as I had wanted ...
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