Challenge Forum: Day 23?

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Posted: 23 Apr 2013, 15:37
Well, I missed updating yesterday on purpose because I'm having a battle of the wills with the 'weigh in now' link so I refuse to post my challenge progress. So I'll just post here: no oreos and if you consider Lindor Truffles junk food then I failed. I'm sure I exercised and my heart definitely raced when the Justice of the Peace phoned on a Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure if a single Fresca counts as soda so will leave that ruling to the judges. I'll never stop cursing in front of anyone unless my mouth is full of oreos. I still have memories of my third grade teacher making me stand in the hall for saying 'Fricka Fracka Fudge' because I think that's how Fred Flintstone cursed. I told her they weren't dirty words and she said 'profanity is profanity based on attitude.' So I have a profane attitude. So there. Oh well.
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