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Posted: 01 Apr 2013, 19:09
Miserable failure!

1. No workout didn't drive to work because of Opening Day and no parking, which means no transportation to Pure Barre

2. Cussed like a sailor over the trick being broken into and lots of stuff stolen that we have to replace, but God knows it could have been worse. So I'll quit $itchen NOW!

3. Totally forgot the no soda rule, I had one but I also had lots of water

Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow!

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 07:32
Day 1 was a challange! The house is still full of easter candy! I think I did well though. I didn't get my workout in but I did do barn chores and carried a lil 20 lb weight wherever I went. Little man was NOT happy. He wasn't happy being carried, he wasn't happy being let down, he wanted to eat.. no wait no he didn't, he wanted to play in the fridge no wait.. he just wanted mommy's kahlua. This was my night until 9:30. By 9:30 he and I both crashed! Today will be a better day!
crabby Kat

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 09:39
Hmm, my day one was a mixed bag. I did one and a half Zumba classes, but cursed under my breath as I left the second one due to a real unprofessional instructor lousing up my workout. Does cursing count if no one hears? I was still upset as I drove & said a few more unprintable things.
I planned on giving up snacks with no nutritional value whatsoever; I avoided my lollipops and ginger chews, but had a few pieces of See's bridge mix, mostly dark chocolate. I haven't drank soda for years, so no problems there.

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 10:08
I think cursing AT someone or in their hearing only counts-cursing when no one hears it definitely shouldn't count!
I did not drink soda, didn't curse at anyone at all, (did a bit to myself when I dropped the corn on the cob for the 3rd time), got 15 minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of walking outside and I had one caramel egg because I was at the store, they were marked down, and I've only eaten one the entire easter season. Totally wasn't thinking of my challenge at the time! *hangs head in shame* I shall to better-maybe I'll do an extra day of exercise as penance!

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 18:21
Okay - need a ruling. Is there anyone in this challenge who considers a creme filled chocolate eclair 'junk' ? If so - failed. I didn't buy it but it was sitting there and I only ate 1/4 of it before I threw it in the trash and went outside to dig holes to plant rosebushes.... I recorded the whole thing in my diary but felt the need to confess to my challenge members. Judges?
I'm not losing WEIGHT. I'm converting FAT to MUSCLE to be healthier.
crabby Kat

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 18:43
Well, I think it counts as a minor slip, not a full-fledged junk slip-up. The dough is egg & flour, the filling is cream & sugar, there may be dark chocolate in the frosting...
How about my Trader Joe's Espresso Pillow trip today? I count the dark chocolate as healthy, but the middle is a toffee crisp, so I'd guess I failed. However, I won't continue "failing". Sometimes it takes practice to get a challenge right. :0)

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Posted: 03 Apr 2013, 07:35
I say it's a minor slip too. Plus.. you only ate 1/4 and you threw the rest in the trash so you get a gold star. I was going to say brownie points but that just seems wrong now. lol You're a stonger woman than I am! I probably would have eaten the whole thing.