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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 07:38
Igrant59 is amazing and beat me to posting about Day 1. Even if you didn't succeed at everything yesterday at least you tried! It's all about persistance and baby steps. I like to think of it as a process.. like trying to feed green beans to a baby. Sometimes it goes in.. sometimes it ends up in your hair. Wherever it ends up the dog isn't gonna touch it! This comparison made sense in my head.. then again I've been up since 4:30 with an extremely happy 10 month old who likes to yell HI and make farting noises. Huh.. anyways... failure isn't failure it's a chance to learn from your mistakes so no one can fail. You can only learn. Crap that's deep for only 5 hours of sleep. So everyone hit your reset buttons and keep going! Or your snooze button. Why the heck don't kids have snooze buttons? Seriously? About all you can do is grab a leg, close your eyes, and hope they don't start wacking you in the face.

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 09:33
I did get a workout in, but I ate candy, and had a soda. I don't know if I can give up my one soda a day. I'll have to see if I can replace that with tea or something. Day 2, I hit the reset button and I've already gotten my workout in for the day, my meals through the day aren't too bad, but lots of carbs dang it, and I hope that I can stay away from any cookies or chocolate tonight. Oh and I haven't cussed at the Amish once!!
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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 09:54
I cussed at hubby.. but no amish. lol He deserved it for trying to tell me we had triplets on April Fools.

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 18:27
Bit husband's cheesy hotdog. No that's not a metaphor. If this irrational crap food craving continues I'm afraid some cussing will happen. Hope no Amish or grandsons are within earshot.
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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 18:46
I only cussed in front of Beau (cat)today when stressed, but did eat too many dark chocolate espresso pillows to qualify as a healthy snack.