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Announcement: Welcome All!
Hello every, and thanks for joining my challenge! I started this challenge for everyone who needs to lose at least 30 pounds. I know there is a 12 week limit to it, but I'm not going by that - This ...
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Week 11 already!
Wow, where did this challenge time go. Can't believe we are almost to week 12! Everyone has done great. Keep up the good work.
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Wii Fit????
I have a question about the Wii Fit. We don't have a wii so that is why I am clueless. When you purchase the Wii Fit does it have all those cool fitness things in one or is it separate stuff you gotta ...
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How is everyone doing?
I am trying to get in my crunches each day. I have lost a lot of inches... but could use more on my belly. :) I am not close to 30 lbs weight loss though. I know we still have time, but I am way behind! ...
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Week two complete - On to week three!!
Well, we did about half as well this week as we did last - 43.5 pounds down - thats over 132 pounds lost so far :d !!! Keep it up gang, we can do this!!! Sarah ;)
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Week one complete - On to week two!!
Hey everyone!! Week one is officially complete! :d I think we did a great job!! Some people reported a gain, but all in all, we lost 88.8 pounds!!!! :p Lets keep it up for the next 11 weeks of this ...
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We start today!!! Good luck to all!!!!!!!!
Hey everyone! This is "D Day" - the day we all start to lose the 30 extra pounds we all want to get rid of! Lets not forget to break a sweat at least 3x a week (I'm going for at least 5x ...
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