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Posted: 02 Nov 2011, 02:43
I'd have to say that the food that most always breaks my
diet is sweets. Actually, I'd like to change this habit and replace sweets with good-tasting fruits, etc. I hate being a slave to something; it's almost like an addiction and I need replacement to overcome it.

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Posted: 09 Jan 2012, 13:30
This is an old post, but I just wanted to mention that I just tasted organic mandarins from my local food co-op, and they were mind-blowingly delicious. Organic food isn't *always* tastier, but it's always worth the price to buy one organic item (pear, orange, apple, etc.). And if it is in fact tasty, go back and buy a whole bunch. I almost forgot how much more flavorful *some* organic produce can be.