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so far so good doing the crunches... i have been doing 300 in the morning and trying to get another set in at night. I am starting to tell that the crucnches are working....
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started by aberk2012, 5 years ago.   
I have been doing a 100 crunches/day along with 100 knee highs/day. I find that if I mix it up abit with different exercises it helps. 300 crunches/day is a bit much for me, so I do what I can. Also, ...
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started by Prynn, 5 years ago.   
What a great accomplishment
I am very proud of myself... Yesterday I managed somehow to do 300 cruches in the morning and again last night did another 300.. I don't know were the energy is coming from but doing cruches isn't ...
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started by aberk2012, 5 years ago.   
I've noticed a difference ^^
I walk 20 minutes on wii fit plus' free run and do the 300 crunches and I am starting to fee them popping out a little.
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started by mayumiuchiha, 5 years ago.   
Just done mine
Wow that was hard I did the 300 all in one go...I think Ill switch to 100 3times daily as that really hurt! That way I'll get used to it.... Good luck to everyone...
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started by stayslim1.   
Gut Buster!
My plan is mix up the style of crunches along with other core exercises. This should help keep the challenge interesting. I found a app from Nike for my iPad with some great core workouts.
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started by gbgtitan.   
150 at a time is more than enough. Boy it hurts!!
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started by Happy Bea.   
Half way there!
I have broken the crunches up throughout my evening and have 140 to go. I didn't feel like finishing but after reading other posts I think I got my motivation back! I also spent 30 minutes on my e ...
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started by SarahD82, 5 years ago.   
Started already
I started this afternoon at work lol. Just did 150 and will do another 150 at home.
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started by Drea Acosta, 5 years ago.