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Tips for drinking 8 glasses of water a day
I always find this hard - and I thought it would be useful to share some tips for managing this with each other. This is what I do: - take a bottle of water with me on the way to and from work to sip ...
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started by sal6, a year ago.   
How did everyone's first day go?
Mine went pretty well. I did go over my calories by about 350 but I feel like it was a good first day. Totally motivated to do even better today!!
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started by gigi1212, a year ago.   
I am in!
I would like to lose as much as I can and get myself fit and this challenge is perfect since I wanted to see what I could do before I turn 35 on September 3rd!
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started by autoamyreplyaww, a year ago.   
Get your Groove On
We are doing something like this 30 weeks to fit and healthy at work but are calling it get your groove on. We are starting it on Monday (2/4) and are going to Friday (11/22). Really excited about doing ...
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started by kn1202, a year ago.   
Count me in too!
I need something to help keep me motivated. I do great for a while and then I sabotage myself and I'm back where I started. It's downright depressing. This challenge seems simple enough. I'm ...
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started by karbear45, a year ago.   
New Here
I'm new to this site and am really excited about the support network through this challenge. Ready and excited to follow through!
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started by gigi1212, a year ago.   
Lets do this!
I join you in this challege because I've tried to keep up with exercise and healthy eating many times and failed; I don't want to fail anymore. I need your support as you need mine, lets do this!
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started by Nibelka Madera, a year ago.   
Don't give up
I will not give up, I will continue to motivate me to lose my 8 kgs.
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started by sanae1976, a year ago.