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Ifyourstrong mindedandreally want to loose weight JOIN ME in a30 day liquidfast and that with a Juicer meal replacemt,water.

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fatgirlgone Total Progress: 0.51 %  (Up 1.0 lb)

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Weeks 1 to 4

dring atleast 2 or 3 meal replacement shakes and DRINK WATER

your only DRINKING on this challenge NO solids at all...working out for at least 30 mins to a HOur
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Looks like it's going to be a high sodium day today, but oh so worth it. I made a beets and Greek yogurt "smoothie" with low sodium beef broth. It is oh so good. I thought I would have to ...
by HeyJude602 on 15 Aug 13 11:13 AM
I am going to cut out the fiber supplement for several days to see if that is the culprit. I drink a lot of water, but I still felt like I had a rock in my gut a couple of hours after taking the suppl ...
by HeyJude602 on 14 Aug 13 10:31 AM
Tomato "Bisque" Smoothie
This was kind of tasty. It was 1 cup canned, frozen diced tomatoes, 1 cup Greek yogurt, 1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce, and a dash of Tabasco sauce mixed in the blender. (I forgot to add my usual protein ...
by HeyJude602 on 13 Aug 13 11:17 AM
Savory Smoothie
Mmmmmm, that sounds yummy. So I'm going to heat up some low sodium chicken broth and add it to my veggies in my Nutri-Bullet that should be a good change. I'll make that dinner tonight. Thanks
by mysize10 on 09 Aug 13 08:46 AM
Hey all, I hope you are as focused as I am. I'm on the road and shaking it up!:) So far, so good. I'm hoping with the encouragement of this challenge group I can stay with this until the end. ...
by mysize10 on 05 Aug 13 06:01 PM

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This challenge ended on Tuesday 03 September 2013.

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duration: 4 Weeks
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created: 30 July 2013

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dring atleast 2 or 3 meal replacement shakes and DRINK WATER ( weeks 1 to 4 )

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All Participants 0.08 %  (Up 1.0 lb)

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All Participants 0.08 %  (Up 1.0 lb)

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All Participants 0.51 %  (Down 6.2 lb)

Week 1:

All Participants 0.51 %  (Down 6.2 lb)

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