Challenge Forum: Accessing at-home workouts on DVD

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Posted: 18 Jan 2013, 14:13
If you're tired of your own at-home workout DVD collection, don't be afraid to check out your local library. This is almost always a collection of used workout dvds that can provide a nice respite from the same ones in your own collection. They can also give an alternative for your between days (ex: cardio one day, strength-training another). You may even consider donating the ones that don't work for you. Anyone else have suggestions for a free workout site?

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Posted: 23 Jan 2013, 15:13
There are also workouts for free on and on Amazon Prime Instant Video (if you have an Amazon Prime account). There's a HUGE variety of workouts available and I use those when I need to change up from the DVDs I have at home.

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Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 12:47
Another good home workout is Warrior X Fit, I heard about this from a buddy here. It's done on your computer, is free, and is different every day. I've only done it a couple of times so far, but it seems like a good workout and is 20 mins. So, it's good for a quick workout when you're short on time, and it is nice because you count your reps and enter them in, and see how many you did vs. how many they think you should do. It's kind of fun that way. Good luck to all!!
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Posted: 27 Jan 2013, 14:02
Just checked out the Warrior X Fit site - I think I'm going to use this. Very convenient for me especially since I travel so much. Thanks for the tip!

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Posted: 27 Jan 2013, 19:01
Just checked out Warrior X, I may have to use them as well. I usually do some type of workout 3x a day. In the mornings/evenings I do yoga from and for cardio (in the afternoon) I usually go to fitnessblender.