Mini-Challenge - Did you exercise 7/7 days this week?



Exercise every day, 10 minutes minimum!

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 4 66% Successful
Week 3 62% Successful
Week 2 67% Successful
Week 1 76% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 17 Jun 11 by coachcj8
"yesterday I didn't do conventional exercise because my back hurt so much. ..."
Successful: 17 Jun 11 by Jody72
"I feel pretty good I only missed two days out of the whole month. "
Failed: 17 Jun 11 by ShewoIf
"Sorry, just wasnt into it, or anything else this week."
Successful: 17 Jun 11 by Mzz Recinos
"Although I didn't eat like I would've wanted to, but I did work out every ..."
Successful: 16 Jun 11 by reti856
":) one more day."
Failed: 14 Jun 11 by anniesue4490
"went on vacation "
Failed: 12 Jun 11 by socharmed2002
"Out of town and sick. Only did 3 days this week :("
Failed: 12 Jun 11 by Jennifer2010
"6 Days a day freak...I do over an hour of cardio on the days ..."
Failed: 11 Jun 11 by GilmoreGirl
"6/7 again! Crap."
Failed: 08 Jun 11 by orion6
"good intentions failed but have done three days this week so far "
Successful: 07 Jun 11 by latinstylez
"did cardio every day...lifted every other day "
Failed: 07 Jun 11 by Spencer50
"I've had 2 shots of cortizone in my ischial and muscle around it in my ..."
Successful: 07 Jun 11 by phyrnice
"This past week was slightly more difficult but I used my housework and ..."
Failed: 06 Jun 11 by qpoloqp
"No, but the challenge has worked to make me more aware. I am feeling ..."
Successful: 05 Jun 11 by Yoly23
Failed: 03 Jun 11 by kallozi
"UGH for some reason Im in a funk I just have lost all motivation!! Im ..."
Successful: 01 Jun 11 by jdlosinit
"even if just a little!"
Successful: 27 May 11 by AliG-99
"I didn't do conventional excercise every day but I gardened in the hot ..."
Successful: 27 May 11 by MadCityJill
"Felt great to be more active! Tried a little interval run/walk yesterday ..."
Successful: 25 May 11 by phillyprincess
"It has become a chore and I am not enjoying it yet. It has not become ..."