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Checking in
Treadmill today 40 min (5 warm up/5 cool down) 30 min @ 3.6mph and 75% incline. Whew, good booty workout.
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started by Zenergy, 5 years ago.   
Does activity today count?
Does any walking activity I did today count, or will it actually start tomorrow?
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started by mbuttler.   
walked 45 minutes today
My kids have a school challenge too--they are to walk 100 miles before school is out for the year, so they did their first mile today too!
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started by lae.   
I can do it
Did my first 30 mins yesterday, started out slow, hoping to gain momentum in the coming weeks. Was planning on skipping today but my daughter wanted to go outside so I said "0 well" let me just ...
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started by Lealiash.   
Hello Everyone
Well it seems we are off to a good start. Even after the holidays I manage to maintain my weight...Hopefully these 3 months will help me to making the correct moves of getting it off. good job everyone ...
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started by Mz-Ladi, 5 years ago.   
Snowy Hike
Hiked my fanny-perpin-dic-ular off today! 20 degrees with snow on the trails! Loved it! Normally I can run/jog this trail but not today, way too slick! Come on spring!
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started by MSG Kirby, 5 years ago.   
Got 4 inches of the white fluffy snow...time to shovel! Will walk later, I did walk back from a party @12:15 AM today does that count????(about 1.25 miles, with snow and slick streets/sidewalks)
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started by MSG Kirby, 5 years ago.   
So ready !
I'm really happy I found this challenge. It's just what I needed to start my long weight loss journey and this is something do-able that will motivate me to continue. Good luck everyone!!
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started by NuevaHolly91.   
Started the challenge early
I walked in the snow today. It was beautiful! Walked 30 minutes and it felt great! Good luck everyone!
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started by still dreaming, 5 years ago.   
12 hours until it starts officially...
but the sun is shining and the snow is melting and its looking like a real nice day. I think I will start with a walk aafter work today.:)
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started by lae, 5 years ago.   
I am tired of being tired!
I have fibromyalgia and am fighting it. I needed to find an exercise that would push me into being sick or "down and out" and think this would be great! Thank you, Linda
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started by Las730, 5 years ago.   
I'm ready!
I am really excited about this challenge. I enjoy being able to get outside and walk. My biggest challenge will be finding 30 minutes of "me time" everyday. Being at home with my 3 yr. old ...
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started by lea nelson, 5 years ago.   
Ready two walk.
Don't have a trendmill and its cold outside but im gonma try this challenge.
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started by MaryE72, 5 years ago.   
Ready to start on the right foot
Ok , every year I start resolution only to fail. I am ready to start on the right foot and get this new life style started. I have the tredmill and I have no excuses. I just need the push. Let's go ...
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started by Rebeccasmiles, 5 years ago.   
Great challenge
I have been wanting to start a walking challenge and I thank you for creating this one. At 61 years old, walking is one of my best exercises even if I have to do it inside with the Wii. It is too cold ...
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started by ranchwoman, 5 years ago.