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I'm glad to see so many of us joined in for this challenge. I am sooo ready to start after my christmas vacation and New Year Partying. I have gained weight over this last fortnight and I am deter ...
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started by ruchi0112.   
Week 2, how are you doing?
How are folks doing so far? My nutritionist's plan for me has pretty low food intake for *me*, so i am having a hard time figuring out my afternoon energy slump. Essentially I want to sleep about ...
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started by eveninghawk, 5 years ago.   
Good day it has taken me the first week to really get my act together! Bt I think I am there! I am going to weigh in on Saturday morning! :badgrin:
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started by Gabriella36, 5 years ago.   
Detoxing ?
How are you detoxing from the New Year indulges ? I have started taking some herbal cleansers (psyllium and senna) and increased my fruit and veggies intake.
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Why... This challenge? Why... now?
Share your inspiration. I am sick and tired of feeling bad about myself. I want to get that old energy back. Not just from shedding the weight, but from the emotion of feeling good about who I am and ...
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Getting back on track!
Looking forward to the challenge. Just getting active again, new to the site and needing to shed the pounds.
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Day 2
Unvortunately, yesterday's Day 1 had as already invited to an Italian night's dinner! I LOVE pasta! (Who doesn't.). I tried to stay on plan... but I did indulge in red wine, skipped all ...
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started by Gabriella36, 5 years ago.   
joined curves...
I walk with a cane and have limited movement due to arthritis...I joined curves and hope I can commit to 3x's a week..please support me as I will you...Thank goal is to get stronger so I can ...
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what is 500 RDI?
what is 500 RDI? That can't be calories!
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Looking forward to detoxing from all of it...but I was wondering...can we substitute regular sugar for equal? Just thinking about my morning pick me up and how I can work around my weaknesses,lol
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started by Me216.   
Motivation and companionship
I'm excited to restart my weight loss with this challenge. I always lose motivation/interest after a couple of weeks; I hope to meet some like-minded people and we can keep each other on track!
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started by Sahmiam.   
Great way to start!
I'm so happy to join this challenge. It seems like agreat way to meet my 4% in 4 weeks goals.
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started by tammyb440, 5 years ago.   
Newbie from South Dakota
Hi. I am anxious to start serious training again. A year ago I tore my ACL, had surgery and am just now getting back into training. My goal is run 1 or 2 half-marathons this summer!!
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Ready to turn my health around!
I'm a very healthy girl aside from my asthma. I'm overweight obviously, but I'm ready to stop taking the asthma steroids. It's a cycle I'm ready to break. I'm sick of going on ...
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started by bchelle, 5 years ago.   
Prepared for success
Ready to start this challenge off right. I spent the day stocking up my fridge with healthy, low cal foods and planning more activity in my days. Looking forward to everyone's success!:d
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started by 66flames, 5 years ago.