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30min of cardio/day, strengthening 3 times/week(abs, lunges). 3 meals + 2 snacks totaling 75% of your current daily calories

Final Challenge Progress Results

psk1414 Total Progress: 9.71 %  (Down 17.0 lb)
fittoretire Total Progress: 6.97 %  (Down 14.0 lb)
Blackeyes24 Total Progress: 6.86 %  (Down 11.6 lb)
traviesmiles Total Progress: 6.40 %  (Down 9.9 lb)
CptSkinny Total Progress: 6.30 %  (Down 10.8 lb)
tsullivan Total Progress: 4.61 %  (Down 7.0 lb)
Christie2011 Total Progress: 4.17 %  (Down 10.0 lb)
georgiahxc Total Progress: 4.17 %  (Down 5.0 lb)
evyanna Total Progress: 4.09 %  (Down 5.6 lb)
rufus0794 Total Progress: 3.89 %  (Down 7.0 lb)
Aron98831 Total Progress: 3.67 %  (Down 8.0 lb)
hellohello Total Progress: 3.39 %  (Down 8.6 lb)
Cathertaylor Total Progress: 3.13 %  (Down 5.2 lb)
lyelder Total Progress: 2.77 %  (Down 5.4 lb)
eddieq Total Progress: 2.65 %  (Down 7.4 lb)
kristibt Total Progress: 2.48 %  (Down 5.4 lb)
SETTINA34 Total Progress: 2.45 %  (Down 6.0 lb)
mybeautifulgirls Total Progress: 2.26 %  (Down 3.0 lb)
bshreve Total Progress: 2.03 %  (Down 5.0 lb)
minstrel9 Total Progress: 1.91 %  (Down 4.0 lb)
GreekGirl Total Progress: 1.79 %  (Down 2.5 lb)
HBTyger Total Progress: 1.72 %  (Down 3.0 lb)
Shade22 Total Progress: 1.72 %  (Down 2.5 lb)
ladyla Total Progress: 1.68 %  (Down 3.0 lb)
musiclover6429 Total Progress: 1.61 %  (Down 3.0 lb)
cdawne Total Progress: 1.45 %  (Down 2.0 lb)
Red Snapper Total Progress: 1.41 %  (Down 2.0 lb)
htappy Total Progress: 1.12 %  (Down 2.0 lb)
phantasee Total Progress: 1.11 %  (Down 2.0 lb)
ryaninthewoods Total Progress: 0.77 %  (Down 2.0 lb)
DonnaP Total Progress: 0.69 %  (Down 1.0 lb)
dklong92 Total Progress: 0.64 %  (Down 1.5 lb)
samy23031 Total Progress: 0.63 %  (Down 1.0 lb)
Nerfe Total Progress: 0.49 %  (Down 1.0 lb)
aloosingweight Total Progress: 0.28 %  (Down 0.6 lb)
Rdmeeker Total Progress: 0.26 %  (Down 0.7 lb)
lil_longhorn Total Progress: 0.15 %  (Down 0.2 lb)
rubyslippers1208 Total Progress: 0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb)
Lewlew Total Progress: 0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb)
inga1018 Total Progress: 0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb)
ekmoshier Total Progress: 1.03 %  (Up 1.5 lb)

Completed Mini-Challenges

Weeks 1 to 3

Drink lots of water

One good dieting tool to help prevent overeating and portion control is to have at least one glass of water with every meal. In between every bite that you take have a sip of water. This will force you to eat slower so that your stomach can realize that you're full as well as filling you up. Water is also essential for healthy digestion so if you combine this into your daily routine you can ensure to feel healthier and combat the cravings.
72% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 22 Feb 11 by CptSkinny
"This is the easy part, I actually enjoy drinking water and have at least ..."
Failed: 08 Feb 11 by HBTyger
"Sigh...I need to get in the habit of drinking water! Starting from now...I ..."

Weeks 1 to 6

Write it down

Write down everything you eat as soon as you can afterward to keep track of your daily calories
70% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 16 Mar 11 by evyanna
"I started to slip towards the end. I suck."
Failed: 02 Mar 11 by lyelder
"I slipped last week on keep track of what I ate."

Weeks 1 to 6

Eliminate Butter and Margarine

use healthy alternatives for cooking. By just eliminating butter and margarine from the average diet, one can lose up to 5 lbs in 6 weeks.
72% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 02 Mar 11 by lyelder
"dont really eat butter at all, but I ate it with bread last week."

Weeks 1 to 6

Switch to whole grains

Whenever possible switch to whole grains from white flower products such as bread and pasta. The white bread and white pastas are one of the main causes for us to maintain that little extra around our mid-section. By switching to whole grains you will also increase your fiber intake which promotes healthy digestion so you can keep that flat tummy as well.
89% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 16 Mar 11 by evyanna
"It was hard to get my husband to switch. I should have just not worried ..."

Weeks 1 to 6


If you have a sewing measuring tape take the measurements around your thighs, hips, waist, bust. Re-take your measurements each week to see your progress.
37% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Weeks 2 to 3

Sit Ups

Push yourself by adding 3 sets of 15 sit-ups or crunches to your daily cardio. Remember to focus on keeping your core tight (think about pushing your belly button to the floor) in order to promote a flat stomach. If you push your abs outwards while doing a sit-up they are more likely to tone in that way, keeping them flat will help keep tone them flat.
51% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 23 Feb 11 by evyanna
"I've been doing a lot of Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels routines that ..."
Successful: 22 Feb 11 by CptSkinny
"Hey Gang! 8 min abs every day! Works great!"
Failed: 17 Feb 11 by eddieq
"Not as many this week. Slacking off."

Weeks 3 to 4

Stand Tall

Even though the extra sit-ups from last week maybe making you a little sore stand tall. Push those shoulders back and really focus on standing tall. It will help promote a strong core.
81% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 23 Feb 11 by evyanna
"Every time I find myself slouching I make sure I sit up straight."

Latest Challenge Posts

had a tough week
Been sick and now hubby is hurt. So in short we are both exhausted and that is when I get weak around food. Trying to regroup this week. I did resume taking my calcium and D3 supplement which makes ...
by aloosingweight on 09 Feb 11 10:49 AM
The butter/margarine compromise is simply an easy tool to lose a few extra pounds without much effort. If it is an important part of your breakfast try just eliminating cheese. These are just some basic ...
by samy23031 on 02 Feb 11 07:48 PM
try and make sure that you don't have meals that are high in calories and then snacks extremely low in calories. you want your meals and snacks to be relatively close in caloric content. ex. 3 x 350 ...
by samy23031 on 02 Feb 11 07:45 PM
hi guys, im new to this , and im hoping that for once in my life to get serious and loose weight... i have been ridiculed by family and friends and was the highlight of everybody's joke... i need help ...
by dope1011 on 01 Feb 11 01:08 AM
Don't use a lot of butter or margarine so I will have to find something else to cut. Maybe portion sizes.
by aloosingweight on 27 Jan 11 11:16 PM

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status: Completed
ended: 16 Mar 11
duration: 6 Weeks
reporting: Once a Week
participants: 93
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created: 26 January 2011

All Mini-challenges:

1. Drink lots of water ( weeks 1 to 3 )
2. Write it down ( weeks 1 to 6 )
3. Eliminate Butter and Margarine ( weeks 1 to 6 )
4. Switch to whole grains ( weeks 1 to 6 )
5. Measurements ( weeks 1 to 6 )
6. Sit Ups ( weeks 2 to 3 )
7. Stand Tall ( weeks 3 to 4 )

Rolling Challenge Performance:

The week to week running total weight lost

Week 6:

All Participants 1.12 %  (Down 184.4 lb)

Week 5:

All Participants 1.02 %  (Down 168.6 lb)

Week 4:

All Participants 0.93 %  (Down 153.5 lb)

Week 3:

All Participants 0.82 %  (Down 135.6 lb)

Week 2:

All Participants 0.68 %  (Down 113.1 lb)

Week 1:

All Participants 0.38 %  (Down 63.1 lb)

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