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Do you want to begin running? Well, this is the challenge for you. We're going to train to run a 5 or 10K.

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acol Total Progress: 5.55 %  (Down 8.0 lb)
lefentsoe Total Progress: 4.00 %  (Down 6.6 lb)
Beth5030 Total Progress: 2.94 %  (Down 4.0 lb)
Knopf84 Total Progress: 2.27 %  (Down 5.0 lb)
MsCarolM Total Progress: 1.95 %  (Down 4.4 lb)
DebbieRhodes1960 Total Progress: 0.77 %  (Down 1.0 lb)
canadian_marvel Total Progress: 0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb)
littlepopo99 Total Progress: 0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb)
neikko77 Total Progress: 2.38 %  (Up 4.0 lb)
Americanpersian Total Progress: 3.13 %  (Up 5.0 lb)

Completed Mini-Challenges

Weeks 1 to 12

Check the Forum for your 3 sessions each week!

I will be posting the list of sessions in this challenge's forum. Be sure to check there, so that you know how long to run, and how to alternate between running and walking.
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Weeks 1 to 12

Run Consistently

Make sure that you run your three sessions each week. I cannot stress enough how important the repetition is in any training program! As long as you're not injured, you've got to run 3 times a week, no exceptions and no excuses.
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Weeks 1 to 12

Drink Water

You need to drink some water (8-12 ounces will do) about 30 minutes before you go running. This is important to help you stay hydrated and energized.
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Weeks 1 to 12

Leg Drains and Stretching

Whenever you go running, it is very important that you stretch before you run, walk for 5 minutes to warm up before you run, then run, then walk for 5 minutes to cool down, then stretch again. I recommend one stretch that is really great after running: leg drains. You need to lie on your back with your butt against the wall. Prop your legs up so they are straight up next to the wall, fully extended. Allow them to stay like that for about 3-4 minutes. This will help to drain the blood in your legs, and relieve the soreness from the lactic acid build up. When you get up, fresh blood will be pumped into your legs, and they'll feel much better!
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Weeks 1 to 12

Have fun!

Above all, running should be fun for you! Make a playlist of music on your iPod or phone that will get you going and motivated. No matter what, make sure you're enjoying the experience. It's a really beautiful thing!
80% Successful

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Week 2!
Starting week 2 today!... Actually enjoyed it!
by Beth5030 on 13 Aug 13 05:55 AM
weekly sessions
I'm doing mine on tuesdays, thursdays and Saturdays all in the afternoon and you
by lefentsoe on 09 Aug 13 01:02 AM
session guide
It is on that Challenge Forum, the first topic that shows up. Here's a link:
by littlepopo99 on 06 Aug 13 01:54 PM
Your Sessions Guide!
Many thanks to STLMARY on SparkPeople for sharing this great training program. Here's a link to her article about it: And here is your guide to your 3x weekly se ...
by littlepopo99 on 03 Aug 13 10:07 AM

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status: Completed
ended: 28 Oct 13
duration: 12 Weeks
reporting: Once a Week
participants: 23
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created: 03 August 2013

All Mini-challenges:

1. Check the Forum for your 3 sessions each week! ( weeks 1 to 12 )
2. Run Consistently ( weeks 1 to 12 )
3. Drink Water ( weeks 1 to 12 )
4. Leg Drains and Stretching ( weeks 1 to 12 )
5. Have fun! ( weeks 1 to 12 )

Rolling Challenge Performance:

The week to week running total weight lost

Week 12:

All Participants 0.45 %  (Down 20.0 lb)

Week 11:

All Participants 0.45 %  (Down 20.0 lb)

Week 10:

All Participants 0.45 %  (Down 20.0 lb)

Week 9:

All Participants 0.37 %  (Down 16.4 lb)

Week 8:

All Participants 0.34 %  (Down 15.0 lb)

Week 7:

All Participants 0.31 %  (Down 13.8 lb)

Week 6:

All Participants 0.39 %  (Down 17.4 lb)

Week 5:

All Participants 0.28 %  (Down 12.3 lb)

Week 4:

All Participants 0.30 %  (Down 13.3 lb)

Week 3:

All Participants 0.29 %  (Down 13.0 lb)

Week 2:

All Participants 0.24 %  (Down 10.8 lb)

Week 1:

All Participants 0.18 %  (Down 8.0 lb)

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