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Is anyone willing to do specified weigh-ins on Friday mornings? I think that would help set a good pace for all? I see some weigh-ins already and the challenge has only been going on for 2 days. Are ...
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Costco is a life saver!!
Just got back from shopping at Costco. It's pretty new for our town (opened Oct 2012). I love shopping there! It seems like a majority of their products are all-natural or organic. I've have ...
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Work related stress is the hardest thing to overcome, in my humble experience. Like today, I'm craving the fried fatty foods that got me to the point I'm at now. I am however getting the 40ozs ...
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Motivated to get healthy
Can't wait to start on some challenges so that I have others to talk much easier when you have a goal, accountability and others to encourage.
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I got my water in
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Fell off the wagon need to get back on!! Need some support
Looking for buddies to help me in this challenging time, I havent worked out in over 90 days, and was going 2-3 times a week during the spring and summer, I started my diet today, I just need to stay ...
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