Mini-Challenge - Flavored Water You Say

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Mix fruit and spices to make your water a refreshing drink...what's your favorite?

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Week by Week Results

Week 4 57% Successful
Week 3 75% Successful
Week 2 66% Successful
Week 1 50% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 07 Nov 12 by CoachKaz
"Crystal Light"
Failed: 07 Nov 12 by Fitu
"I did not drink as much as I should"
Successful: 06 Nov 12 by Sam!67
"I guess I would say I have been passing all along depending on what you ..."
Failed: 19 Oct 12 by Hayling
"But already on my 2nd glass today..."
Successful: 16 Oct 12 by Sw33TDimpl3s
"mango pieces with ice cold water "
Failed: 15 Oct 12 by petersbc
"Flavored water is a PITA. Did at least 10 glasses a day. Goal is really ..."
Successful: 15 Oct 12 by MissTita45
"I dropped a few strawberries into my water. Made me feel like I was having ..."
Failed: 14 Oct 12 by Laksmi
"Drank more than enough- but it was just plain water (I fail at this mi ..."
Successful: 13 Oct 12 by reblayton529
"add cucumber, oranges, frozen fruit etc "