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I like slicing a lemon in half taking out the seeds and putting the whole lemon in my water bottle and refilling it with water and placing in the frig to keep it nice and cold. I've made it a whole ...
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started by Lillyonfire.   
Start time/day confusion
I thought it started just before midnight which I couldn't do so I started this morning. It's 8:27am and I'm 2 glasses down -- at least 8 to go :-)
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started by ezeyes, 5 years ago.   
I made the 12 glasses today.
Well I made it a few more than 12 glasses today, actually made it to 14.75 glasses of water. But I have been up more than asleep today. I also haven't floated away just yet. Hope the rest of the ...
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started by Sam!67, 5 years ago.   
20 Hours -- I am confused
It said this challenge started on Wednesday, Oct. 10th. 20 hours from now will almost end Wednesday and be Thursday. I guess I am starting early and started at midnight going into Wednesday. Good luck ...
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doing the stairs tonight at work.....
After midnight, I am planning to stick with this diet program...for the 4 weeks. Crossing my fingers....
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started by ariznative.   
Very practical challenge!
I think starting with a clear and simply goal is a perfect way to start a big change in my life. Looking forward to it. :d
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started by sarah.perry, 5 years ago.   
Nervious about challenge
I am a little nervious about this challenge. I have been trying for the last week to drink the 12 glasses of water a day. Since when I first signed up for the challenge it said 10 to 12 glasses of water. ...
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started by Sam!67, 5 years ago.   
Cucumber water is my favorite! I just add a few slices of cucumber to my (large) cup of water and drink it throughout the day as I work. It's delicious!
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started by thatsamgirl, 5 years ago.