Mini-Challenge - Only weigh yourself ONCE a week.



I used to weigh myself daily, and began getting discouraged by the usual daily fluctuations, so in my experience its best to pick one day a week and weigh in early in the morning, after using the loo and before you are fully dressed and have eaten.

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 10 40% Successful
Week 9 57% Successful
Week 8 75% Successful
Week 7 53% Successful
Week 6 42% Successful
Week 5 58% Successful
Week 4 57% Successful
Week 3 68% Successful
Week 2 65% Successful
Week 1 83% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 18 Jul 10 by Chicopee Girl
"Got below the 200 pound mark this week....YEAH!"
Successful: 10 Jul 10 by mamacarol
"I am very discouraged by only weighting once a week. I have gain weight ..."
Failed: 09 Jun 10 by MOM2JEM
"I weigh myself in the morning a few times a week to see how I'm doing."
Failed: 07 Jun 10 by RedHead90sKid
"I knew I was coming up to the "119 lb - now officially no longer overw ..."
Successful: 31 May 10 by laceylyn77
"Need to only measure myself once a week too!"
Failed: 30 May 10 by cindy2425
"I didn't know there was a challenge, I was away and wasn't on my computer"
Failed: 26 May 10 by RReneeD
"I weigh myself everyday. :-("
Successful: 24 May 10 by leduff
"very disappointed with my weight loss :("
Failed: 21 May 10 by Globelle
"Did not follow diet last week but I have resumed better eating habits this ..."