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  14 DAY LOW-CARB Fat Buster challenge
2 week fat buster challenge before Christmas! Incl: 14 day meal plan, grocery list, recipes, free home workout.
starts in: 6 days
duration: 2 weeks
day 1: Monday 12 Dec 16
  12 Week to Shredded Body (phase 1 of 2)
24 Weeks to Shredded Body. Getting ready for the summer ! 12 Week to Shredded Body (phase 1 of 2)
starts in: 10 days
duration: 12 weeks
day 1: Friday 16 Dec 16

Challenges In Progress

  Log Every Day in December
Accurate & complete logging all month! (FS makes it end 12/29; keep going all the way through the 31st!)
status: In Progress
currently: Week 1 of 4
end date: Thursday 29 Dec 16
  Happy New Year! 1 kg per week by teh end of 2016
eat lighter and healthier, counting calories, sport 3 times a week, drop 1 size
status: In Progress
currently: Week 5 of 8
end date: Monday 02 Jan 17
  Waist Loss Holiday Challenge
Give yourself a gift of waist loss this holiday season & start the new year right.
status: In Progress
currently: Week 9 of 12
end date: Monday 02 Jan 17
  Shred for Santa With Lolette
The main focus of this challenge is to eat CLEAN until Dec. 26. Maintain or lose weight, try not to gain.
status: In Progress
currently: Week 4 of 6
end date: Monday 26 Dec 16
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