Challenge Start Date: 29 Jul 13 MinaNew's Start Weight: 182.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks MinaNew's Last Weight: -
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 21 Oct 13

  Week 12

Journal Entry - 19 Oct 13
"Well, woke up with my legs really sore today. Going to take this day off from walking but will be doing upper body workouts ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Oct 13
"Ok, had some fun with friends tonight and went over my calories for today. BUT I don't mind because I still had a deficit ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Oct 13
"Taking a definite break today from exercise. Give my legs a break *whew* Tomorrow is another day! "
Period ended: 14 Oct 13

  Week 11

Journal Entry - 14 Oct 13
"So yesterday, I upped the portions for dinner because I was feeling excessively tired (likely from the day before). Today ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Oct 13
"Comic Convention today! Ok, here are some positives today. 1) Took my measurements and I lost like 1 1/2 inches off my ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Oct 13
"Checked my weight this morning before food, without clothes. It was 177. Just checked it again (randomly) and I was 179 with ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Oct 13
"Weight loss is slow and steady. I find that every time I drop some weight, my exercise increases around the same time ex: ..."
Period ended: 07 Oct 13

  Week 10

Journal Entry - 03 Oct 13
"I will tell you the hardest thing for me on this lifestyle change is days where I allow myself a cheat day (ex: Anniversary, ..."
Period ended: 30 Sep 13

  Week 9

Journal Entry - 27 Sep 13
"Taking a break today from exercise. My legs and feet are sore. Plus my allergies are acting up."
Period ended: 23 Sep 13

  Week 8

Journal Entry - 22 Sep 13
"Called yesterday a cheat day because I had no clue what I was eating lol. It was good and I approx it to be about 1000 c ..."
Period ended: 16 Sep 13

  Week 7

Journal Entry - 16 Sep 13
"I definitely did not eat enough today. I wasn't hungry to be honest. I forced myself to eat and finish a hamburger for d ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Sep 13
"Whoo Hoo! My scale showed me at 178 lbs this morning! One more pound and that is a total 20 lb loss! Today is my 3rd ann ..."
Period ended: 09 Sep 13

  Week 6

Journal Entry - 08 Sep 13
"Switching up exercising this week. Still walking but adding elliptical slow for 30 minutes (+2 minutes warm up/cool down). ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Sep 13
"Started feeling better last night. Today, I still have to be careful of what I eat (stomach grumbles depending on what I ..."
Period ended: 02 Sep 13

  Week 5

Journal Entry - 02 Sep 13
"Food poisoning diet continues. Luckily no vomiting and the food poisoning is mild. The thing I dislike the most is the a ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Sep 13
"Three Words: Food Poisoning Diet"
Journal Entry - 28 Aug 13
"Holy crap yesterday was a calorie fest. If I were to estimate it, I would say about 3500-4000 calories. It wasn't even about ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Aug 13
"Hubby's birthday...throwing him surprises left and right :) I swore to him that I wouldn't calorie count today... I already ..."
Period ended: 26 Aug 13

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 25 Aug 13
"Sore sore sore today. Not going to do any additional exercising today but I HAVE to vacuum the house. Lets just keep that ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Aug 13
"Very busy the last few weeks and had not had a chance to sit and write. Just wanted to put a few observations/thoughts down. ..."
Period ended: 19 Aug 13

  Week 3

Journal Entry - 13 Aug 13
"Grandpa is doing much better today, thank goodness! Yesterday, I managed to eat properly (except for a late meal but it was ..."
Period ended: 12 Aug 13

  Week 2

Journal Entry - 12 Aug 13
"Ugg..difficult week both physically, emotionally and foodwise. So, where do I begin? Ok, lets start with Last week. Last ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Aug 13
"Gained some more muscle. Been walking A LOT."
Period ended: 05 Aug 13

  Week 1

Journal Entry - 05 Aug 13
"Back from vacation! I was pretty good and only came close to going over budget twice (but didn't go over!) I walked about ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Jul 13
"First day of vacation was tough to calorie budget but I did it... but I was sure close! Today I definitely made up for it ..."

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 182.0 lb


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