Challenge Start Date: 18 Feb 13 noann's Start Weight: 178.1 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks noann's Last Weight: 174.8 lb (18 Mar 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 18 Mar 13

  Week 4

Mini Challenge - move body; lose weight - Successful
Journal Entry - 17 Mar 13
"No change in weight today. The 10% challenge is coming up and I don't even own a webcam, and I hate having my picture ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Mar 13
"OK feeling better today. Lost some weight, finally, but I'm still not really there. Usually I lose so much quicker than ..."
Journal Entry - 15 Mar 13
"I hate myself, my body and pretty much everything right now. I gained. I haven't seen any reasonnable number for a week. ..."
Weigh-in: 174.8 lb This Week:  0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb) Total Progress:  1.86 %  (Down 3.3 lb)
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