Challenge Start Date: 02 Aug 08 bethru's Start Weight: 144.6 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks bethru's Last Weight: 138.8 lb (30 Aug 08)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 30 Aug 08

  Week 4

Mini Challenge - Keep a daily food and exercise diary - Successful
Mini Challenge - Read and respond to 5 people in need of support on FatSecret over the course of the week - Successful
Journal Entry - 30 Aug 08
"I seem to be stalled right now. After such rapid and easy loss for the last month, this is annoying. I need to review my ..."
Journal Entry - 29 Aug 08
"Boy that lean cuisine flat bread melt did absolutely nothing for my hunger. I bought three cause they were on sale for 99c ..."
Journal Entry - 29 Aug 08
"I got a cute new haircut to go with my cute new bod! Actually its not new but I finally found someone who listed to me and ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Aug 08
"A neighbor stopped me this morning on my walk to tell me she noticed and was impressed with my walking and weight loss. I ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Aug 08
"Windsor buns and thighs this morning. Ouch. I like it! I ordered two new DVD's from yesterday. There were thousands ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Aug 08
" 4 lbs to my goal! I will probably add another 5lbs to it at that time and try for 130 but don't plan to try for any lower ..."
Journal Entry - 25 Aug 08
"Just a few minutes for FS this morning. First day of school so I am driving the girl and the rest of the neighborhood the ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Aug 08
"That bratwurst and sauerkraut really tore up my stomach this morning. Couldn't bring myself to eat breakfast. I had the fun ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Aug 08
"I made the 13 yr old do 40 minutes of pilates yesterday. The 11yr old wanted to but has been sick and still has the cough. ..."
Weigh-in: 138.8 lb This Week:  0.64 %  (Down 0.9 lb) Total Progress:  4.01 %  (Down 5.8 lb)
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