Challenge Start Date: 22 Aug 11 astra46's Start Weight: 146.2 lb
Challenge Duration: 6 weeks astra46's Last Weight: 145.5 lb (20 Sep 11)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 03 Oct 11

  Week 6

Journal Entry - 28 Sep 11
"Almost completed week 5! Now have a hand upon which surgery has been effected! Slow progress an will not finish my cha ..."
Period ended: 26 Sep 11

  Week 5

No result recorded
Period ended: 19 Sep 11

  Week 4

Mini Challenge - Do the Initial Test first!!! - Successful
"Been ill for past week but catching up with week 4 - one day to do! "
Journal Entry - 16 Sep 11
"Regretfully have been unwell for a week and missed this week's exercises :( Oh well, will be one week behind but that s ..."
Weigh-in: 145.5 lb This Week:  0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb) Total Progress:  0.45 %  (Down 0.7 lb)
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Yes it will. This challenge was made for people who can't do many crunches. You will be amazed and so excited at the end. I can't wait to tell people I can do 200 crunches at a time. So fun!! 
24 Aug 11 by member: Uneeknitter


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