Challenge Start Date: 14 Jan 13 tammylynn1977's Start Weight: 179.5 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks tammylynn1977's Last Weight: 175.0 lb (30 Jan 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 11 Feb 13

  Week 4

No result recorded
Period ended: 04 Feb 13

  Week 3

Journal Entry - 30 Jan 13
"I lost only 0.7 pounds this wt, My computer crush the other day so I lost all my measurements for the past until I take it ..."
Weigh-in: 175.0 lb This Week:  0.40 %  (Down 0.7 lb) Total Progress:  2.51 %  (Down 4.5 lb)
Period ended: 28 Jan 13

  Week 2

Journal Entry - 28 Jan 13
"Well thinking about moving to tennesse in a month, Its look like the nursing fields has alot of jobs there. Plus my old man ..."
Journal Entry - 25 Jan 13
"I had a rough day at work today did not take my lunch break untill 245 pm, started at work at 6am this morning. State was ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Jan 13
"Ok feeling really good today so I run/ walk for an extra 25 minutes and then lay out in the sun on the bay. Feeling really ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Jan 13
"Ok I want to have a good day today. I have my coffee, my 2 hour free time on the internet, and have my breathing treatments ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Jan 13
"Well I went to my droctor today and I drop 7 pounds and 1 1/3 inches from my waist in 26 days. This news did lift up my days ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Jan 13
"I am very upset with my self my measurement and weight same the same. I have to see the droctor today, so going to ask him ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Jan 13
"Yes is a good day for me at this point. I did my run and walk and now got call into work... Overtime. Plus I been keeping ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Jan 13
"Ok we going to have a good day today. I have my coffee filters today so I can make coffee, get my computer, and have my ..."
Weigh-in: 175.7 lb This Week:  0.40 %  (Down 0.7 lb) Total Progress:  2.12 %  (Down 3.8 lb)
Period ended: 21 Jan 13

  Week 1

Mini Challenge - Exercise 1-2 days per week - Successful
Journal Entry - 21 Jan 13
"Ok today is very bad. Just recall the bank is closed today and today is payday, I am out of coffee filter, but I have a ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Jan 13
"ok today is starting off bad for me. I fix some mac and cheese last night for kids dinner and I stole 2 spoonmful this m ..."
Journal Entry - 17 Jan 13
"Had an ok day today increase my running more, in which I am very please about. I am now fitting just right in a size 10, ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Jan 13
"All this rain needs to end, I tired of doing housework, but now fixin to remove all mine stuff in my bedroom. That king sixe ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Jan 13
"Ok I was very please this morining when I weigh myself I am down alittle over 2 pounds my measurements are left upper arm ..."
Journal Entry - 15 Jan 13
"OK I have decrease my exercise by 25 minutes and increase my intake alittle more hoping that I will start lose my pounds ..."
Journal Entry - 15 Jan 13
"Yesterday I felt like crap so I did not do nothing beside clean up the house and did some shopping that all. Today I try ..."
Weigh-in: 176.4 lb This Week:  1.73 %  (Down 3.1 lb) Total Progress:  1.73 %  (Down 3.1 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 179.5 lb


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