Challenge Start Date: 01 Feb 13 Ruhu's Start Weight: 122.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks Ruhu's Last Weight: 120.0 lb (22 Feb 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 01 Mar 13

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 01 Mar 13
"Out of "rehab" & it feels so good! The cleanse was just what the dr ordered & what this novice scientist needed. Armed ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Feb 13
"Final day of 4-day cleanse & boy do I feel good! And, ready to resume the staying off sugar fight! So, starting tomo, I'm ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Feb 13
"Day 3 of my 4-day cleanse & feeling really good! As when I've done past cleanses, the first 2 days are the toughest. I ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Feb 13
"Day 2 cleansing & just getting on FS! All good here, feeling good & strong & proud of my decision to admit myself into ..."
Journal Entry - 25 Feb 13
"Checking into rehab -- I never thought of it in those terms before, but as a sugar addict, thats really what it is! After ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Feb 13
"Zumba, church then up to work to whittle away at that darn "to do' list. Snacked a bit more than necessary yesterday, but ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Feb 13
"Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with not much on the agenda -- dinner out with friends tonight & may try to get up ..."
Period ended: 22 Feb 13

  Week 3

Mini Challenge - Mindful eating one meal a day - Successful
Mini Challenge - Mindful eating two meals a day - Successful
Journal Entry - 22 Feb 13
"Finally feeling caught up again after being away & feeling relieved that even after my bouts of overeating somehow my weight ..."
Journal Entry - 20 Feb 13
"There's no place like home... And even though I've in the past struggled with my eating when returning home after a trip, ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Feb 13
"Good days/bad days -- we all have them & Alzheimer's patients are no different, as I'm learning. Yesterday, Mom was more ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Feb 13
"Happy Presidents Day! Had another nice day with my Mom, & could tell how much she enjoyed visiting her male friend. As ..."
Journal Entry - 17 Feb 13
"Feeling much better today :), after a good nights sleep! Yesterday was fun -- exercised & breakfast with my best friend ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Feb 13
"My travel day yesterday went well. I spent the afternoon with my Mom & had dinner with a friend whose father passed away ..."
Weigh-in: 120.0 lb This Week:  0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb) Total Progress:  1.64 %  (Down 2.0 lb)
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