Challenge Start Date: 28 Jan 13 mars2kids's Start Weight: 132.6 lb
Challenge Duration: 5 weeks mars2kids's Last Weight: 135.0 lb (04 Mar 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 04 Mar 13

  Week 5

Journal Entry - 04 Mar 13
"I am not happy with my weigh in, but I knew the increase was coming. I did horribly over the weekend. I've had a headache ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Feb 13
"I need to get on a good weigh in schedule, so I'm going to start doing my "official" weigh-in's this Monday. Hopefully, ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Feb 13
"Worked out last night, but then the peanut butter demon came out and made me eat peanut butter! If I wouldn't have eaten ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Feb 13
"Well I made goals for the week and already blew my eating one up yesterday. Oops! I will have to do better the rest of ..."
Weigh-in: 135.0 lb This Week:  1.05 %  (Up 1.4 lb) Total Progress:  1.81 %  (Up 2.4 lb)
Period ended: 25 Feb 13

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 25 Feb 13
"I did not eat well over the weekend, and I only got 1 workout in instead of the 2 I had planned. Laziness took over and ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Feb 13
"The snow has stopped and the sun is out for now. The kids weren't happy because they had to go to school this morning, they ..."
Journal Entry - 21 Feb 13
"It's snowing. Ugh. I'm ready for spring not snow. Now I have to decide if I want to go home with my car and have my hubby ..."
Journal Entry - 20 Feb 13
"I am so tired today. I think it's the impending snow that's making me sleepy. I got off work late yesterday so no workout, ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Feb 13
"I finally weighed in today, the first time in about a month. I'm up from where I was, but not huge, so I can live with it. ..."
Weigh-in: 133.6 lb This Week:  0.19 %  (Up 0.3 lb)* Total Progress:  0.75 %  (Up 1.0 lb)
Period ended: 18 Feb 13

  Week 3

Journal Entry - 15 Feb 13
"I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! But now it's Friday!! Woo hoo!! I get a 3 day weekend, so I'm ready for this ..."
Journal Entry - 14 Feb 13
"Happy Valentine's Day! I don't really celebrate Valentine's, but hope those who do have a great day!! My hubby asked if ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Feb 13
"I'm feeling in a better mood today. I've been in such a funk lately and I know it has a lot to do with eating junk and not ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Feb 13
"I haven't been on here in about a week and I'm doing terrible. I'm eating more than I should and not exercising. I am ..."
Period ended: 11 Feb 13

  Week 2

Journal Entry - 06 Feb 13
"Still not feeling 100% today and wonder if maybe something else is keeping me down besides my migraine. I still have a ..."
Journal Entry - 05 Feb 13
"I've had a migraine for 3 days, so no workouts because just moving sometimes makes me nauseated. Unfortunately, I haven't ..."
Period ended: 04 Feb 13

  Week 1

Journal Entry - 01 Feb 13
"No workout last night, but I did get one in this morning. And, I don't know why, but I was worried about my calories ye ..."
Journal Entry - 31 Jan 13
"Workout done again last night! Woo hoo! Maybe I'll finally start getting back on track. The weekend will be a test for ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Jan 13
"My dog was still not happy this morning, but he's able to walk so I think he'll be okay. Phew! I did do a short workout ..."
Journal Entry - 29 Jan 13
"I'm going to try this again. I tried to record a journal and it completely disappeared on me, so if I may have 2 similar ..."

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 132.6 lb


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