Challenge Start Date: 01 Jan 13 jaime30024's Start Weight: 211.6 lb
Challenge Duration: 2 weeks jaime30024's Last Weight: 208.0 lb (09 Jan 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 15 Jan 13

  Week 2

Mini Challenge - Be accountable and involved! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Don't go over 20 net carbs per day! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Water! Water! Water! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Record everything you eat! - Successful
Journal Entry - 15 Jan 13
"So my weight is still lingering around the same spot. I am not really stressing over it (not yet..haha)...I like to look ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Jan 13
"Weight holding steady and that is ojay with me since I am not voiding a lot and I have had a drink each night...some nut ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Jan 13
"Simple sugars are linked to immune suppression. Mood swings.... ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Jan 13
"Hi FS friends..hope you all have a great weekend. My weight is fluctuating some and that is okay...maybe my body adjusting ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Jan 13
"I am happy to say that the little bit of bloomin onion that I had last night did not negatively effect the scale. I was ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Jan 13
"In light of the 1.4# loss yesterday (a loss in one day) I was not too surprised to see that I had picked some back up this ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Jan 13
"Okay now for a positive journal post. I had to step on the scale twice this morning because the first time I stepped on ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Jan 13
"Thanks to everyone that send positive thoughts. Daughter seemed to do well on ASVABs and for the other crap. ..."
Weigh-in: 208.0 lb This Week:  0.67 %  (Down 1.4 lb) Total Progress:  1.70 %  (Down 3.6 lb)
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