Challenge Start Date: 01 Dec 12 jaime30024's Start Weight: 217.2 lb
Challenge Duration: 5 weeks jaime30024's Last Weight: 210.4 lb (05 Jan 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 05 Jan 13

  Week 5

Mini Challenge - Drink more water, Exercise at least 20 mins a day, Smile More - Successful
Journal Entry - 04 Jan 13
"Well a bit of a gain but I expected it after eating out last night and figuring in my calories and carbs. Back to it today. ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Jan 13
"Good morning! Trying to fight off a cold or something here. Stuffy head and nose and scratchy throat...ick. Got some ice ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Jan 13
"Well all the holidays are over with and no more time off. It was a great four day weekend, and came to an end way too soon. ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Jan 13
"Craving and of course no sugar free candy in the house. I had a can of boiled peanuts....sodium and then some. Then a tbsp ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Jan 13
"Happy New Year!"
Journal Entry - 31 Dec 12
"Going out to eat tonight and I hAve decided to have chicken Caesar croutons. So I picked the best I could and ..."
Journal Entry - 31 Dec 12
"I actually did it..even though it was the holidays...I still did it. I was actually okay with not doing it because I am ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Dec 12
"Helped DH repot some indoor plants. Put the Christmas village up. Got some things done and ate good today."
Weigh-in: 210.4 lb This Week:  1.50 %  (Down 3.2 lb) Total Progress:  3.13 %  (Down 6.8 lb)
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