Challenge Start Date: 16 Jan 12 jaime30024's Start Weight: 217.6 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks jaime30024's Last Weight: 226.2 lb (26 Feb 12)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 09 Apr 12

  Week 12

No result recorded
Period ended: 02 Apr 12

  Week 11

No result recorded
Period ended: 26 Mar 12

  Week 10

No result recorded
Period ended: 19 Mar 12

  Week 9

No result recorded
Period ended: 12 Mar 12

  Week 8

No result recorded
Period ended: 05 Mar 12

  Week 7

Journal Entry - 01 Mar 12
"Blah...I hate being sick and this is bad. I was up most of the night coughing. Normally when I have no sleep I eat way ..."
Journal Entry - 29 Feb 12
"I still feel TERRIBLE. I think a doctor visit is in the cards for me today. Yesterday I had some moments of weakness but ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Feb 12
"Still feeling under the I have no voice and still scratchy sore throat. I don't feel terrible but not 100%. ..."
Period ended: 27 Feb 12

  Week 6

Journal Entry - 27 Feb 12
"I was good yesteday until the evening. The DH had their second show of the fundraiser they were doing and we went out to ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Feb 12
"I have been so sick. So yesterday I drank tons of apple juice ate a few crackers and some salmon spread. Still don't feel ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Feb 12
"I created a Lenten Challenge. I had missed the window for the other challenges and so created my own. I was going to start ..."
Weigh-in: 226.2 lb This Week:  0.66 %  (Up 1.4 lb)* Total Progress:  3.95 %  (Up 8.6 lb)
Period ended: 20 Feb 12

  Week 5

No result recorded
Period ended: 13 Feb 12

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 10 Feb 12
"Today will be a challenge because I am TIRED and do not do as well. We went to see Brad Paisley in concert last night and ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Feb 12
"Okay so I weighed this morning to record my weight. I weighed the other day and already dropped a couple of pounds so I ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Feb 12
"I have just really been bombing and not sure where my motivation has been. I am not so sure I found it, but I think it ..."
Period ended: 06 Feb 12

  Week 3

No result recorded
Period ended: 30 Jan 12

  Week 2

No result recorded
Period ended: 23 Jan 12

  Week 1

No result recorded

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 217.6 lb


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