Challenge Start Date: 28 Jan 13 gg-girl's Start Weight: 153.4 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks gg-girl's Last Weight: 154.6 lb (14 Feb 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 25 Feb 13

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 25 Feb 13
"Monday, Well, let me tell you, the sun is shining, the birds were singing...Oh, boy did I MISS that, especially. I swear, ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Feb 13
"Friday, Today, I just plain woke up crabby & I knew it before I even got out of bed. Not happy with me, feeling stupid, ..."
Journal Entry - 21 Feb 13
"Thursday, What happened to yesterday I ask myself, NO journal entry? What's up with that, I know I thought about it, but ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Feb 13
"Tuesday, Why is it I never seem to have any time? Oh, WELL, LOL, I guess I am busy doing what I want/have/need to do, but ..."
Period ended: 18 Feb 13

  Week 3

Mini Challenge - Drink more water, Exercise at least 20 mins a day, Smile More - Successful
Journal Entry - 18 Feb 13
"Monday, Spent yesterday on the couch, alternating between snoozing, eating & movie watching, as we were recovering from ..."
Journal Entry - 15 Feb 13
"TGIF!!! Yeah & Yippeeee! Somehow I made it through yesterday with not a spare moment to sneak a journal entry in, or do ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Feb 13
"Wednesday, Doing better/feeling better today & I knew it when I woke up right straight away, that put a little spring in ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Feb 13
"Tuesday, So far been struggling today, just not feeling myself...crabby, no patients, short tempered, disorganized, uns ..."
Weigh-in: 154.6 lb This Week:  0.78 %  (Up 1.2 lb) Total Progress:  0.78 %  (Up 1.2 lb)
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