Challenge Start Date: 08 Jun 12 triaby's Start Weight: 185.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks triaby's Last Weight: 175.9 lb (04 Aug 12)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 31 Aug 12

  Week 12

Journal Entry - 30 Aug 12
"Ok so this morning I wake up with the sniffles and a sore maybe the headache is a head cold......oh well I ..."
Journal Entry - 29 Aug 12
"GOOOOOOO Team GB!!! Just cheering our paralympians on!!! Wooah make us proud :) "
Journal Entry - 29 Aug 12
"I've had a headache since hoping for it to go away now...... I'm grateful for so many child, ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Aug 12
"Today I'm grateful for a new day. Pam I know I promised only a one day binge but the three days went so quickly it felt ..."
Period ended: 24 Aug 12

  Week 11

Journal Entry - 24 Aug 12
"Today I'm grateful that the sun is shining, Byron had another job offer that will fit in perfectly with his current work, ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Aug 12
"Ok so this month I've eaten and exercised the same as last month.....I lost over 8 pounds last month.....this month ZERO ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Aug 12
"OK so now I have the pair of jeans that will let me know my "perfect" weight. They are a UK size 12 (USA size 8) Reiss ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Aug 12
"Wednesday already, where is this week going? I'm grateful that with the help of wonderful people I have in my life I have ..."
Journal Entry - 21 Aug 12
"Ok I'm really excited - I am now a proud owner of a guitar and am going to learn to play......Lord help my neighbours!!! ..."
Journal Entry - 21 Aug 12
"Today I'm grateful that sunday's mad feast has made a speedy exit and there is no damage done (yesterday I weighed two and ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Aug 12
"Ok how did I manage to eat two days worth of calories today and most of it between the hours of 6pm and 10pm.....I'm not ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Aug 12
"Today I'm grateful for the sunshine and my garden....that's where you'll find me today....all chores are on hold..... T ..."
Period ended: 17 Aug 12

  Week 10

Journal Entry - 17 Aug 12
"Yippee it's friday! Last night I went swimming for the first time in months, loved it! Only problem I got crap in both feet ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Aug 12
"Now there is a massive fluctuation! Damn the iron pills I had to take messed with my digestive system, now I've stopped ..."
Journal Entry - 15 Aug 12
"Mid week already, this week is flying by. Today I am grateful that I am able to exercise. It is incredible the difference ..."
Journal Entry - 14 Aug 12
"Ok so this morning didn't start of well....but the sun is shining now and I had to share kangaroo Anzac and wombat Peggy ..."
Journal Entry - 14 Aug 12
"Today I'm grateful for my is my safe haven....... I'm currently fighting off a dark mood, the light is a little ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Aug 12
"Blah over ate this weekend......"
Period ended: 10 Aug 12

  Week 9

Mini Challenge - Track EVERYTHING and STICK TO YOUR GOAL! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes - Successful
Mini Challenge - HYDRATE! It's hot in most places after all! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Eat more fruits and vegetables! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Limit sweets and other junk! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Up the Exercise! - Failed
Mini Challenge - Keep it all up! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Up the Exercise...Again!! - Failed
Journal Entry - 10 Aug 12
"What a fabulous day in the sun with my son :) We drove for an hour to get there and sang to loud music all the way, then ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Aug 12
"Off to the beach.....I'll journal later..... Happy Friday buddies x"
Journal Entry - 09 Aug 12
"I know I have already journaled today, but I have to add that I am soooooo grateful that I am not a hater. My son was ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Aug 12
"Awwww GREEN......don't worry we'll be together soon........ :) Today I am grateful that I should be able to finish painting ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Aug 12
"OMG I'm GREEN and I did not even notice yesterday!!!! Ok I'm not recording my fluctuation today as I want to at least a ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Aug 12
"DFW reminded me earlier of rewards for reaching milestones and it reminded me that I hadn't shared my rewards for reaching ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Aug 12
"So grateful for a new low today......feels good to be rolling again...... Internet dating! I hope my ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Aug 12
"Today I'm grateful that I'm on a weeks leave :) I'm going into London today, for my second hypnotherapy session, another ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Aug 12
"YIIIIIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE!! I cannot express enough the joy of finally breaking into the 70s in kg land!!! 79.8kgs!!!! I am ..."
Weigh-in: 175.9 lb This Week:  0.87 %  (Down 1.5 lb) Total Progress:  4.89 %  (Down 9.0 lb)
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