Challenge Start Date: 29 Aug 11 annajanssen167's Start Weight: 160.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks annajanssen167's Last Weight: 158.0 lb (12 Sep 11)
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Period ended: 26 Sep 11

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Period ended: 05 Sep 11

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Journal Entry - 05 Sep 11
"Down a pound finally. Finally realized that I can add a scoop of protein powder to even out the calorie distribution. Try ..."
Weigh-in: 158.8 lb This Week:  0.75 %  (Down 1.2 lb) Total Progress:  0.75 %  (Down 1.2 lb)

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Weigh-in: 160.0 lb

annajanssen167's No Sweets for 4 Weeks Experiment Wall
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Ok, I've been dieting for about a year now and I've been losing the same 2lbs over and over again. Meanwhile my friends who aren't exercising are dropping the weight like it's nothing. I'm getting very discouraged. I go to bootcamp 3 times a week, I walk my dogs for an hour every day and still nothing. My friends have said that they cut out the sweets and that was all it took. So starting today, I had decided to do the same. So when I logged in today and saw the 4 week challenge, I thought it was fate. Hopefully my weight will start going in one direction, down! Anyone else in the same boat? What are you doing about your cravings? It is almost 9pm here and I haven't had any sweets at all today. So far so good, but not all days are going to be like this. I need suggestions for dealing. 
29 Aug 11 by member: annajanssen167
Made it through yesterday without any sweets, and made it through today so far. Stayed on schedule today and got all my workouts done this morning and I planned out my meals for today last night. Made it easy to stick to the diet. But right now I'm starting to feel like I need something sweet. Will plow through and try to resist. 
30 Aug 11 by member: annajanssen167
Made it through Wednesday with no sweets, woo whoo! Today I had half an Atkins Chocolate Coconut Bar for a treat. I was craving something sweet today and I think it's because my carb intake was low and my protein was high. The other days I was hitting 50% for carbs and I didn't crave candy. So I think I found my trigger. I don't think the low carb/high protein diet is for me. So long as I stay around the 50% range for carbs, and eat the high fiber kind of carbs, then I should do well. 
01 Sep 11 by member: annajanssen167
The usual strong cravings I get for candy hasn't hit me the past several days. I truly believe that my carb intake is the key. If I don't hit 50%, I start thinking about sweets. More fiber and more protein. I now know why the low carb diets don't work for me and that's why after cutting out candy for a few days, the cravings become overwhelming and then I go on my benders. Try to maintain 50% carbs. Complex is best. 
05 Sep 11 by member: annajanssen167


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