Challenge Start Date: 04 Jul 11 sv120862's Start Weight: 84.8 lb
Challenge Duration: 8 weeks sv120862's Last Weight: 92.4 lb (28 Aug 11)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 29 Aug 11

  Week 8

Mini Challenge - Hydrate Often - Successful
"Lately, but because of the surgery, fluid intake (among other things) was down."
Mini Challenge - Workout everyday - Failed
"Just getting back in the gym now! :)"
Mini Challenge - Eat Breakfast/Recovery Meals - Successful
"Protein for tissue repair"
Mini Challenge - Run your Butt off!! - Failed
Mini Challenge - No eating past 7:00 - Successful
"Barely eating at all because of the surgery"
Mini Challenge - Have fun and be positive!!! - Successful
"I have been rather positive considering negative circumstances and environment. My family is so negative all the time, but at least I can keep my mood up with exercise and fun activities."
Mini Challenge - Sleep - Successful
"I'd call it hibernating. Last night's sleep was good too; no nightmares."
Mini Challenge - Clean Eating! - Failed
"I was at my mom's house and she buys crap food because she is 'doesn't have the money' (aka, she needs the spent the money on booze and cigarettes)"
Mini Challenge - No binging! - Failed
"Kinda bingy lately (mentally wise) and even though it's not crazy full out, it's still kind of funky."
Mini Challenge - Keep progress! - Failed
"I've been sleeping all week, and didn't have a scale at mom's. Back on track now that I'm at dad's."
Journal Entry - 29 Aug 11
"Lower Body Work out; kicked my own ass; should def do stretching before bed tonight...."
Journal Entry - 28 Aug 11
"Chest and tris today, as long as hurricane Irene doesn't kill the power."
Journal Entry - 27 Aug 11
"BACK @ THE GYM! Horray! First Day Back! Back & Biceps!"
Journal Entry - 25 Aug 11
"Feeling depressed and sad today. Really miss the gym, but my cheek is still a bit swollen and it hurts to turn my head. ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Aug 11
"my lleft cheek is CHUBBY! go away, chubby flubby"
Journal Entry - 23 Aug 11
"who needs wisdom teeth?"
Weigh-in: 92.4 lb This Week:  0.43 %  (Down 0.4 lb) Total Progress:  8.96 %  (Up 7.6 lb)
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