Challenge Start Date: 10 Jan 11 jurrabi's Start Weight: 252.2 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks jurrabi's Last Weight: 214.5 lb (28 Mar 11)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 04 Apr 11

  Week 12

Journal Entry - 04 Apr 11
"Slowly recovering from the night out. Time will tell if, as I think, this is only a temporary disadjustment or it is a real ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Apr 11
"Yesterday's night out was horrible for my diet. I ate and drunk with out control. Today's weight, although it might seem ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Apr 11
"Fifth day in a row that I don't see any weight loss after those excessive weight lost days last weekend when I saw 97s. ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Apr 11
"Begin of a new month. Time to adjust my goal average calorie intake for april: With 98 Kilos (216 lb) of weight my Basal ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Mar 11
"As expected I'm experiencing (after a very fast drop the two days before) a small set back. But today is end of week 12 ..."
Period ended: 28 Mar 11

  Week 11

Mini Challenge - Substitute eating out with a home cooked meal! - Successful
Journal Entry - 28 Mar 11
"This is so, so fast. It's a little weird that I'm loosing weight at this pace. I'm not even exercising at all. Or maybe ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Mar 11
"Yesterday I didn't have dinner. That's probably why the weight is so low today. Much more than expected..."
Journal Entry - 26 Mar 11
"Under 32 BMI. The end of the obesity is closer and closer. In a few weeks I'll be only an overweighted guy..."
Journal Entry - 26 Mar 11
"Under 32 BMI. The end of the obesity is closer and closer. In a few weeks I'll be only an overweighted guy..."
Journal Entry - 25 Mar 11
"I confirmed today that my scale can give variations up to 300 grams (10 oz.) on consecutive measures. So I've changed my ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Mar 11
"Yesterday was kind of a hard diet day for me. I'm sure it's related to my sad mood. It was the first in 75 days that I felt ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Mar 11
"Tras un finde desastroso en lo que se refiere a dieta me esta costando volver a mi ritmo... Pero lo hago, más o menos."
Weigh-in: 214.5 lb This Week:  2.31 %  (Down 5.1 lb) Total Progress:  14.95 %  (Down 37.7 lb)
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I enter this challenge after the first week of my DEFINITIVE diet. So far I've lost 1.8 Kg, 29.2 Kg. to go. I'm just new to fatsecret. I discovered it when I found the Android app and so far I'm loving it. It is just what I needed. My diet consist simply in eating 1500 KCals/day less that I burn. Based on a calculation that you loose aprox 1 Kg per 9000 Kcals in deficit that will give me more that 1 Kg/week of loose. So far it's been easy because I have no forbidden foods. I eat everything I want. I just have to watch the quantities. This first week have consisted in learning how many calories have my usual food and reducing quantities or avoiding those that had to much calories (like oils, butter and similar). At the same time I'm creating sample receipts of my usual meals with adjusted quantities to get proper calories content. So far I've learned that my diet was not so bad, but I was eating to much. I'm Spanish, so my usual diet consist on not processed aliments cooked by me with traditional receipts. I will avoid any prepared food, fried things and eat more vegetables and fruit. Right now I'm very happy because I'm learning how to eat correctly, not being hungry and loosing weight at a good rate... 
11 Jan 11 by member: jurrabi


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