Challenge Start Date: 25 Aug 08 Pinkest_Princess's Start Weight: 145.5 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks Pinkest_Princess's Last Weight: 153.4 lb (20 Sep 08)
Current Period: Challenge Completed Team: Red
Period ended: 22 Sep 08

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 20 Sep 08
"bmi 28.2 BF% 34.3 Chest - 40" Waist - 42" Hips - 42" well it was a loss a tiny one but hey cant complain. uni is still ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Sep 08
"ok so while i'm waiting for my hair to dry i will give a proper update of my life because its been hectic! on saturday i ..."
Weigh-in: 153.4 lb This Week:  0.43 %  (Down 0.7 lb) Total Progress:  5.45 %  (Up 7.9 lb)
Period ended: 15 Sep 08

  Week 3

Journal Entry - 15 Sep 08
"first day at uni so much to see and people to meet, im crazy tired sharing a bathroom sucks :("
Journal Entry - 14 Sep 08
"Ok so as many of you who read my journal last night i was quite drunk, and i'm feeling surprisingly not hungover this mo ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Sep 08
"so i went drinking tonight. had lots of awesome friends buy me drinks!! came home feeling a tad low because i gorged on a ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Sep 08
"went shopping for my food for when i'm at uni(wont have a car so figured i should do it now. bought a ton of nice food and ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Sep 08
"just as i thought being unblocked helped a little."
Journal Entry - 12 Sep 08
"ok tried a new excercise on the davina work out today it was the leg one and my god do my legs hurt, couldn't quite keep ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Sep 08
"ok so atm i stand at 70.2 kg BMI - 28.5 BF% - 34.2 when i first was on the scales it read 67.4 and i got so excited but ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Sep 08
" ***EDIT*** i managed to fix my phone because i'm amazing and my sister gets a new phone and i feel much better :) ok i ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Sep 08
"THIS WILL BE IN CAPS BECAUSE I AM SO F**CKING ANGRY RIGHT NOW!!! i went to ask them to sort my phone out or give me a new ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Sep 08
"This morning was a bit erratic i ate breakfast at five because i couldn't sleep and then i hit the barrier and went to sleep ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Sep 08
"I am journaling again it is terrible. well i just found an old gym card of mine which had my old measurements on it from ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Sep 08
"I know i seem to be jounaling constantly at the moment but i am soo annoyed right now that i had to right it down! I mo ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Sep 08
"Been packing up my room today so its starting to look quite bare. its all getting very real and exciting!! Breakfast - ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Sep 08
"its 00:29 but i did it! i was determined to do the excercise today and i almost gave up but then i decided i had to so i ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Sep 08
"Breakfast was a banana and a slice of soya and linseed bread. Lunch houmous, spinich, red pepper and red onion sandwich ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Sep 08
"went out last night with one of my oldest friends in the world, we went shopping where she persuaded me to buy an ipod :P ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Sep 08
"Just got in from spending the night with a friend of mine, it was nice to hang out and stuff :) then when i got up i walked ..."
Weigh-in: 154.1 lb This Week:  0.29 %  (Up 0.4 lb) Total Progress:  5.91 %  (Up 8.6 lb)
Period ended: 08 Sep 08

  Week 2

Mini Challenge - Do 30 full pressups before Every Meal/Snack that you havnt planned to eat. - Failed
Mini Challenge - Do 50 situps before every Meal/Snack that you havnt planned to eat. - Failed
Journal Entry - 08 Sep 08
"I am so proud of myself i just went to the movies and only had a small handful of popcorn and then we decided to eat aft ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Sep 08
"i really dont want to work out today i started the work out and about died but im going back to it gotta keep motivated darn ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Sep 08
"missed breakfast :( for lunch i had small spinich and avacado salad, a spoonful of houmous with red pepper to dip a small ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Sep 08
"so this is basically a journal to get out some of my pent up feelings out because i don't feel like i can talk to anyone ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Sep 08
"today was meant to be my day of getting back on track but i slept in again!!!! i don't know whats wrong with me i'm so tired ..."
Journal Entry - 05 Sep 08
"Today was a new day! firstly i want to thank you all for your lovely comments! i definitly do need to work on my self ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Sep 08
"I had a terrible day today. I woke up really late so ended up skipping breakfast, which made me ratty as hell and then i ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Sep 08
Journal Entry - 03 Sep 08
"i ate cheese yesterday for the first time in ages and it killed me. i was in so much pain so no more cheese for me. tried ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Sep 08
" lots of journaling today not sure why :P but :( we have chocolate in the cubboard and i cant stop thinking about it i ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Sep 08
"have decided to try the GL diet i cant find it on here so ill just keep a record in my journal of the GL numbers etc (its ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Sep 08
"weighed myself on new scales have eaten not so long ago so that could accont for it have put on weight but it could also ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Sep 08
"went to the family planning clinic yesterday (not to plan a family lol im a little young for that) but i weighed myself and ..."
Weigh-in: 153.7 lb This Week:  6.41 %  (Up 9.3 lb) Total Progress:  5.61 %  (Up 8.2 lb)
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