Challenge Start Date: 18 Oct 10 Pugcrazy's Start Weight: 179.8 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks Pugcrazy's Last Weight: 154.8 lb (10 Jan 11)
Current Period: Challenge Completed Team: Cheetahs
Period ended: 10 Jan 11

  Week 12

Mini Challenge - Exercise 3 times a week - Successful
Journal Entry - 10 Jan 11
"40 pounds gone! Tonight will be a housecleaning day. Dinner will be quick- Spaghetti for me & hubby. And left over ch ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Jan 11
"I hit the treadmill today and walked for 45 minutes on 3.8mph. I would have walked longer, but I had a meeting to get to ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Jan 11
"I was able to clean out several more outfits from my closet that are TOO big to continue wearing! I was able to add 4 more ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Jan 11
"I think I should turn around go home, crawl under the covers and wait for this day to be over!!! Murphy's law is in full ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Jan 11
"Bathing suits are arriving in the stores! I love warm weather and the water, but I have not liked shopping for bathing ..."
Journal Entry - 05 Jan 11
"Allergies!! I am so tired of itchy watery eyes and sniffling! Everything I have tried either doesn't work or makes me ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Jan 11
"Finally a loss! I have had trouble since the holidays seeing results at the scale. I have seen a change in my clothes but ..."
Weigh-in: 154.8 lb This Week:  1.65 %  (Down 2.6 lb) Total Progress:  13.90 %  (Down 25.0 lb)
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