Challenge Start Date: 25 Jun 12 JamieP930's Start Weight: 220.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks JamieP930's Last Weight: 212.0 lb (30 Aug 12)
Current Period: Challenge Completed Team: Mission Slimpossible
Period ended: 17 Sep 12

  Week 12

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Period ended: 10 Sep 12

  Week 11

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Period ended: 03 Sep 12

  Week 10

Mini Challenge - Find a buddy! - Failed
Mini Challenge - Track Everything You Can! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Drink Your Water! - Successful
Mini Challenge - Calorie Intake - Successful
Mini Challenge - No More Late Night Eating - Successful
Mini Challenge - Watch the Sodium - Successful
Mini Challenge - Exercise - Successful
Mini Challenge - Journal/Forum - Successful
Weigh-in: 212.0 lb This Week:  0.47 %  (Down 1.0 lb) Total Progress:  3.64 %  (Down 8.0 lb)
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JamieP930's Losing to Gain - 40lbs Down by End of September Wall
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So far haven't lost any weight, hoping that will change by the end of this first week! Trying to stay positive. I've been exercising a lot and been trying new types of veggies and protein so I'm not just limited to the same ones. Until later... 
26 Jun 12 by member: JamieP930
Hey JamieP.. do not allow yourself to get frusterated. Keep in mind, if you are working out "a lot".. muscle weighs more than fat. So it is very possible that you are gaining muscle and losing fat but the scale is still balancing out. Try measuring yourself you help give you some incentive. I haven't checked your food diary yet but I will take a look and see if anything sticks out. :)  
26 Jun 12 by member: ProjectDropHoodie
Trying to stay positive- but realistically I'm never going to lose 30 more pounds by the end of September. It's kind of a let down but that reality isn't going to stop me from continuing eating healthy and exercising. Whether it be October or November I will lose 40lbs! 
30 Aug 12 by member: JamieP930


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